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New Thriller: Twisted Justice
Whitney Lea

I just started a new thriller yesterday. I wrote about the first two paragraphs yesterday and finished the rest of chapter one and two today. I still have about five hours left before I leave work with nothing to do, so I'm sure that I'll have at least two more chapters up before then. This story is just very strong to me and it's been all that I could think about all day and night. It's about a ninteen year old named Kylie who has lost everything: her friends, her fiancee, and her child. She decides that its time to get revenge and goes out of her way for it. Its got a kind of slow start but it'll be going in depth pretty soon. Rated M because it involves a lot of violence (or will once I get further in the story), suicide, r***, and many other elements that are not good for younger readers. Please read and review. Feedback is always a plus. Let me know how I can improve my writing.

10/26/2007 #1 Report
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