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When the future is changed...

In my story A Judgment Nearer, which you can look at on this site www.fictionpress.com/~felker, I will have a few futuristic visions as the story progresses. As well as some flash-backs too. But mainly in this forum I would like to see what people think could happen if a person could look into the future. Could he change it? Would it remain the same? Whould there even be a way to change it or would the future find a way to self-correct itself? What is your views on the future events in todays world. Is the future important be it our own future or that of a general area, for instants America? This is all going to help me shape the way I portray chapter 7 in the book, which is the first moment when the main charactor is shown a vision of future events. Thank you. -Felker

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Kerry Cooke

Personally, I believe that we would never be able to time travel because of the paradoxes that could be created and the havoc they could wreak. On the cusp of that I believe that if someone could see the future they would not be able to change the outcome they saw, if they did then they'd have to see the new outcome otherwise they've created a paradox that could cause catastrophic chaos. I a staunch believer in fate and therefore, I believe that everything happens for a reason, if I were to try to write a story where someone saw the future and changed it then I would be forever trying to explain (to myself) as to the reader why this could happen, but I'd never quite convince myself and as a knock on effect my story would be 2D and unbelievable. Best of luck with your project! Kez x P.S Read Cyclops - that sort of puts my standpoint on the matter of seeing the future and the actions you can take - http://www.fictionpress.com/~kerrycooke.

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There was a line in a film I once watched (can't remember what it was called): every time you look at the future, it changes. Because you looked at it.

Divination in any form tends to be blury, as human intervention and coincidence intercedes. There was a peice I wrote some time ago but lost when the computer was whiped, just a oneshot, about a phsychic investigator. They had two visions, of two possible outcome, and both involved someone she cared about dying. She had to choose which one it was. You could always do something like that, as that way the audience still don't know what will actually happen.

In Kunfoo panda, one character says: people often meet their fate on the path to ovoid it. You could have him getting the visions cause them to come true.

Just some suggestions. Hope they help.

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