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in need of critic

i really need reviews and critics to help me out. i dont want to go on with the story until i know that what i have so far is good. please read them and help me out. plus i kinda got WB for now so i think redoing some of these or fixing some of the old chapters would help me out. seriously in dire need of input from you all

12/16/2009 #1 Report
Helen Cole

I am feeling exactly the same way on my story. Maybe we can be review buddies as we add chapters. I get a review here and there but it would be nice to have some serious critiquing throughout the length of the story. You in? My story is called "On the Other End of the Phone" by Helen Cole. Please review mine and tell me which story of yours you want me to review.

9/6/2013 #2 Report
Luna's Child

I'm not sure if the other guy replied to you yet Helen Cole, but I'm willing to review your story if you review mine: "More Than Meets the Eye."


9/12/2013 #3 Report
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