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Please help me with a story title!

I know, I'm not going to post a story. But I need help with the title! It's about a ghost who haunts a movie theater and 2 kids try to capture it, but they end up worse off then they expected. It's actually going to be scarier than it sounds. Anyways, I'm torn by 5 choices. Please help me decide. Here are the choices:

Spook at the Sahara (Sahara is the movie theatre)

The Theatre Apparition

Specter at the Grand (the movie theatre would be called the Grand)

Specter at the Theatre

Haunt at Helmsley's (would be an old abandoned theatre that was under renovations)


12/26/2009 #1 Report

I'm horrible at titles, but these don't interest me.

Don't say it's a haunting. If you tell me what and where, it loses some of the power to entice. A vague phrase may be best.

The Sahara Cinemas Incident

Old Theaters Never Die

When The Curtain Finally Falls

Behind the Old Stage Door

12/31/2009 #2 Report
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