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We Need a Review Request Thread

This forum needs a review request thread, so here goes. And to be fair, I don't have a thriller posted, so I'm not even asking for someone to review one of my stories (but I wouldn't mind, naturally.)

Post the name of your story, (recommended) hyperlinked and (optionally) the summary below.

To hyperlink, it's pretty simple: just double-click over the name of your story after you've typed it, then click on the 'lazy-eight' icon next to the 'Styles' pull-down in the toolbar above. The 'Insert/edit link' window will appear.

In another window, click on 'Login', then your "Profile URL' (either the Easy or Permanent link), right-click on the story title under 'My Stories' and select either 'Copy Shortcut' (in IE) or 'Copy Link Location' (in FF).

Go back to the 'Insert/edit link' window and paste the URL into the 'Link URL' text box, then press [Enter].


The reason I'm being so explicit is because some people go to Login, Publish, then 'My Stories'. The links off that page are only accessible by the author, so the rest of us won't be able to enjoy your work (and, conversely, you won't be able to enjoy our reviews.)

=^v^= *meow*

12/31/2009 #1 Report


I have a story I would like some reviews for. Although it's posted under horror, I'd say it fits into both. It's called 'do you want to play a game?' If you just click onto my profile you'll find it there. Much appreciated.

1/11/2010 #2 Report

Sure thing. Gave chapter 1 a pawing through. Will work it some more later. It's 1am now.

1/15/2010 #3 Report
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