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New Suspense Thriller: Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
Deadman Walks

I have the first three chapters posted. and i'm liking it so far. But what i need is some type of screwed up rules for the game that the killer is playing. Let me simplify it a lil better. A group of Christians find out that one of their friends is missing. In one instance the kidnapper leaves them a tape with a message stating they must play a game in which they've never played before. And they must obey the rules or their friend will die. I need suggestions for some rules. liek one of them i want to be something like no God is to be involved. there to do it on their own wit out da help of their faith and of course no police but a few more suggestions would be helpful.

6/7/2008 #1 Report

How about a warped version of the ten commandments? That shalt not lie to Mr Kidnapper... and punishment, like one or two of them getting killed off, or published biblical style for breaking the rules.

7/17/2008 #2 Report
Deadman Walks

dats an interesting idea. i know one of my rules is goin to be something like their not allowed to use their faith to solve da riddle. u know somethin dat seems out of this world kinda rules. urs is a good idea i'll bare dat one in mind fo sho

7/18/2008 #3 Report
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