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Thriller/Drama/Romance/Action/Adventure/CyberPunk -- The Oblivion Events

Thats the title for the book I've been brainstorming for about a year now! I've recently begun writing it and I love to thrown in new plot twists every chapter. The book is mainly about a secret organization which becomes power hungry, The president of this company decides the only way to be the ruler of a new world is to create a virus which will have everyone begging for the cure. The thing is, he doens't have to create one for a scientific research lab in New York has held several strains of histories worst viruses... Which have all been fused into one.

In Washington, on the other side of the U.S., a boy (the hero) attends highschool with his best friends who have all been prefated to save the world with their special blood (the had ben injected by their parents with the cure for this supervirus, incase it waas ever unleashed.) They are captured as the virus is released and they are thrown into the three-year long battle for mankind.

P.S. This virus is something much stronger than the bird flu, the great plague, and more contagious than the common cold... What could be happening to the hosts of this virus...?

They're being transformed and killed off, becoming skinless and hairless beasts which stalk the night!


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