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Suffer the Children
K. Silence

This is a summery of my 4 year old novel. It is my baby. Check it out. Leave some comments, advice or replies. Honesty is an important element. I will give you an honest review and advice in return. Robin Watkinson is a single mother, criminal psychologist, victim of a tragic crime, and is very much obsessed with the bizarre story of The Saint Parrish Slasher (Kody Angeloro), a cruel and vicious serial killer who once stalked Saint Parrish killing innocent girls. Though he is dead, a mysterious murder, quite similar to the pattern of Angeloro's, lands Robin into the position for a new job. Her newest patient is the killers son, eighteen year-old Julian. Accused of murdering his girlfriend, he insists his innocence, and Robin is the only one who believes him. Her only son, Josh, is too quickly becoming infactuated with Micah, Julian's younger sister, and lust becomes a danger to them all. Going back to the past, through Kody's journals and taking glipses into his life, questions that were never answered finally are, and then some. Someone's playing a game. Two motives, and one truth. Who will survive?

6/5/2007 #1 Report
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