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Proper Education
Princess Narcotic

My first story on fictionpress.com. Advice, reviews and critiques would be warmly welcomed. Proper Education Summary: When a train crash occurs, two schoolboys from similar walks of life are thrown together. One is a violent, angry young man with sociopath tendencies, and the other is the son of an East-End Gang lord. They emerge from the scene of the crash, only to find that their home of London has been taken over by a tyrannical force, The Twighlight Party. Both boys get captured after two days of running around London, avoiding the party's troops, and taken to a 'Re-Education Factory' in which they are brainwashed into becoming apart of the Twighlight Party. Only a technique they know saves them from being moulded and sculpted to the Party's will, and soon they find themselves not only back on the streets but with the Party's trust. With revenge in their hearts, they set off to do the thing they've been thinking, dreaming and planning about since they first emerged from the tunnel...

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