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Want Reviews? C'mon up to the Bar!

Well scratch what I just said. The story isn't working at all. I'll have to write it some other time after giving it more thought. Anyway, if you feel up to it, reviews for Antoine (or anything else I suppose) would be nice. I'll be sure to repay them.

7/2/2009 #2,881 Report
Alivta Wright aka mmjohn

Reviewed grapeseed's Lambkin! Great Read! I recommend it!

Would like reviews for Chapter Two of my story: How it ended


7/2/2009 #2,882 Report

Okay I really need to write this down in a list next time. Over today and yesterday I ahve reviewed. 7+ Steps to Sexy Grammar, La Carmelita, a Lovers Poison, Lambkin, and Dear Diary. Thanks to all who have reviewed my story. Now off to review more.

7/2/2009 #2,883 Report

Kurohime no Miko, all done with you for now, okay update soon, great story !

7/2/2009 #2,884 Report
M Wilridge

Just finished reading and reviewing everything Kurihume...or whatever.. Has published.. Who's next? I would prefer smaller chapters.. I find myself bored without even a momentary break.. Anyone that has small chaps and wants a review.. R and r any of my work.. The actor has like 1500 words up to chapter 6... Angel Lies is roughly 1250 words per chapter.. All killer no filler... Or more like no thought just idle minded deliciousness... R and R everything.. Or DIE.. M

7/2/2009 #2,885 Report

lol, I think mine, Falling Star, is like middle length though. TBH, its hard to hold the attention of the reader with long chapters.

7/2/2009 #2,886 Report
The Tragedian

Chapter 3 of Carmelita has like 1400 words. I hope you can review. I would review, but I think I reviewed everything you got so far, M.

7/2/2009 #2,887 Report

i know i owe some people reviews and i will get to that.

the fair is in town so i have been distracted by all the pretty lights and funnel cake. but i am ready to get back to business, both with my writing and with my reading and reviewing.

7/2/2009 #2,888 Report
M Wilridge

I didn't even know MY little Carmelita chapter was out! Yeah I called it mine! Thanks by the way for reading all the way to the end of the second act of the Actor..the next chapter is all about all of the chapters you should reread to see the story behind the story..lol.. Anyways.. Carmelita... I'm about to be on it like a hobo on a ham sandwiche! M after I watch Sasuke vs Orochimaru

7/2/2009 #2,889 Report
The Tragedian

YOUR Carmelita!? Ho Ho Ho! I think Carmen has a STALKER!

7/2/2009 #2,890 Report
Kurohime no Miko

*has been reviewing like crazy* ugh so much to do, so little time and I have only typed up two pages on word of the new chap of UP

7/2/2009 . Edited 7/2/2009 #2,891 Report
M Wilridge

I wrote a poem and the title is.. IF everyone was as great as FOP and SAID

If everyone was as great as FOP and SAID

By everyone my entire story would be Read

If everyone was as great as FOP and SAID

I would smile all day and lay there in bed

If everyone was as great as FOP and SAID

I would spend all night reading reviews and probably be dead.

FOP, SAID! You are the greatest!!! Poems are waiting for any one else who wants to go the extra mile and read all of my breath taking.. super short.. Super easy to read Screenplay style story...


P.s. Carmelita is mine.. We had brunch this morning.. at IHOP!

ACT 3 is coming soon!

7/2/2009 #2,892 Report
The Tragedian

Awww, I feel sooooooooo special!

And really, IHop? What did Carmelita order?

7/2/2009 #2,893 Report
Said Author

lol, Haha... you're making me blush. xP I might get to your poems sometime...

Just finished reading/reviewing "UP" [ch. 4, I read the others a long time ago...] and "The Actor" [it's kind of obvious now, I guess]... I'll get to "Lure of Briar Roses", "My Queen", more of Sakina, Fop Huntress, and CyeNoir's stuff, and "Caara's Island" either tomorrow or Saturday [might not get to anything tomorrow since it's my b-day, ugh].

Good night people. ^^

7/2/2009 #2,894 Report
The Tragedian

Happy birthday!!!!

7/2/2009 #2,895 Report
M Wilridge

She had this huge omelet that she like took two bites out of and then took home to keep in the refrigerator.. It will be in there for like forever...lol.. Then her Centaur daddy came trying to act all big and bad... Got the drop kick.. You know what I'm talking about.. 2 feet.. To the chest.. Have to fall.. But that's totally worth it..

Night Said!

Sinner! You have missed so much.. THE ACTOR IS GETTING BETTER THAN EVER!

7/2/2009 #2,896 Report
M Wilridge


7/2/2009 #2,897 Report
The Tragedian

Since M's so being so generous and flattering, I have left my fanfiction stories for the night and will write the next chapter of Carmelita!!!!!

7/2/2009 #2,898 Report
Said Author

Hah, thanks! 'Night, and looking forward to the next chapter of "La Carmelita". ^^

7/2/2009 #2,899 Report
M Wilridge

I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me get 130+ reviews in 4 days with The Actor.. Hopefully you will all tell your friends and family to check it out before I take it off of Fiction Press... It will not be on long, so please take advantage.. M

7/2/2009 #2,900 Report
The Tragedian

How come you're taking it off soon?

7/2/2009 #2,901 Report

what?! what do you mean you're taking it off FP?!

anyways, reviews for any of my stories please (I return them all).

is anyone interested in helping me iron out my story after death?

7/2/2009 #2,902 Report
M Wilridge

Its kind of my baby.. I never planned on putting it up but I was having troubles fitting in some scenes so I thought I should put it up.. And I never expected the cult classic style reaction I received.. Some people are denying reviews and PMing demanding updates before they review.. Anyway.. Once the third act is completely up... And the package is ready to be delivered to my literary agent.. Its only right that I take it off.. And all of you that read it will know that you were a part of it.. I love you all for making me pull this from the back burner.. All Angel Lies fans.. Its coming back with a vengeance.. 6/4/9 M

7/2/2009 #2,903 Report
The Tragedian

haha. so it's gonna be published?

7/3/2009 #2,904 Report
M Wilridge

Hopefully... I like the idea of it in a book but its a screenplay for a movie.. M..

7/3/2009 #2,905 Report
The Tragedian

Even better! I wanna play the role of Anna....but I can't act to save my life. LOL.

7/3/2009 #2,906 Report
The Tragedian


7/3/2009 #2,907 Report
M Wilridge

Just put another chapter of Angel Lies up... Super short... how i like it.. Im off to see what kind of trouble my girl Carmelita is getting herself in..


7/3/2009 #2,908 Report
He Smelled Of Rain

What kinda food ya got here? Ugh never mind i guess ill just have a bud.

Any of my stories would be good. Theres only two...

Preferably Thin Ice. But you could do Delving Deeper too.

7/3/2009 #2,909 Report
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Oh man, those were some long chapters I just reviewed! So much talent here, but I hope the talents here appreciate me ~


With chocolate truffles, I send reviews to:

estrickland89's Break: Welcome to Caara Island Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 [phew, finished!]

sw448's A Failed Test, After Death Chapters 1, 2 and 3 [UPDATE! And wow, I think I've reviewed everything you wrote]

M Wilridge's Angel Lies: Deception of the Celestial Chapter 8

Fop Huntress' La Carmelita Chapter 4

moon-skittles' Circles of Fate Chapter 5 [man that was a long chapter!]

@ Aspiemor and everyone else I owe reviews to: can you wait a week until I get back from holiday for the reviews I owe you?


Yup that's right guys, I'm going on holiday to Vienna and won't be back in action on fp until the 12th July.

In the meantime, it'd be so great of you to review my story Dear Diary, especially my NEW CHAPTER!! I know the story is long, but if you're into humorous romance with unexpected plot twists, and are looking for an ~ e a s y r e a d ~ then I definitely think you should check out my story!

Don't believe me when I say I repay reviews? Take a look at all the posts I made here over the last week! :P

There, now I am at the mercy of you kind folks here!

Hasta la vista and have a great week everyone! ~_^

~ Sakina xxx

7/3/2009 #2,910 Report
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