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Rules: Read First...
A Sand Josieph

Here's the rules those who travel within DeadLund's boundaries must follow.

1) No Godmodding. Meaning, don't control other RPers' characters unless they say you can.

2) You can be anyone you want to be: Human, Vampire, Gargoyle, Troll, Zombie, Undead Toaster Oven, etc...

3) Create a profile of your character in the Creature Profile thread before you post anywhere else.

4) Try to keep off topic comments in the Off-Topic thread unless it cannot be avoided.

5) Post requests in the Requests thread.

6) When moving your character from one location to another, always indicate where they are going to with double-brackets ((like this)) and do the same to indicate where they came from upon reaching destination topic.

11/7/2008 . Edited 11/7/2008 #1 Report
Musa di Apollo

I just have to put a comment in here about the Undead Toaser Oven. XD

5/29/2009 #2 Report
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