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Gateway, come through here first...
A Sand Josieph

Introduce your character through this post. The Gatekeeper is the actual gate itself and it is something of a Deadpan Snarker. But he is gracious enough to let those who he feels is worthy enough to enter.

The GateKeeper is an APC (All-Player Character, meaning everyone and their grandmas can control him)...

11/7/2008 #1 Report
A Sand Josieph

A large ghost ship sailed through the air towards the large iron gate.

"HALT! Who goes there!" asked the Gate.

"Aye, it be me, Captain Tiller!" shouted a short, ghostly man wearing a captain's outfit.

"Well, look who it is," said the gate, "if it isn't old Tiller."

"That be right," said Tiller, "Now open up so we cna make safe passage!"

"Alright, enter..." With a loud groan, the heavy metal of the Gate swung open allowing the S.O.S. Sinker (the name of the ghost ship) to enter the town of DeadLund.

((To Around the City))

11/7/2008 #2 Report

A young, magenta-haired girl stepped in front of the old gate, her little demon imp quivering in fear on her shoulder.

"Is it safe, m'lady?" he wondered, and his master giggled.

"Rakyu, this won't be a problem." She winked, as the gate before them spoke.

"Halt! Who dare pass by here?"

"Sylelle, heiress to the great Minasos! I'd like to visit you and your wonderful home!"

Her white imp seemed to have been quivering long enough to realise that his master had taken things care of.

"Pass by and enter Deadlund!"

Sylelle smiled and took her imp through the gate.

[To Around the City]

11/9/2008 #3 Report
Musa di Apollo

A man, completely wrapped in bandages, an overcoat, and a little fedora slowly walked up to the gate. His voice is gruff and gravely as he speaks, " I need in."

The gate-keeper simply stared at the man, then replied with a smirk, " And what makes you think I'll just let you in, then?!"

The man simply keeps his hands in his pockets. He says, barely audible, an incantation. Suddenly, three undead covered in armor and weaponry burst from the ground and growl at the gate-keeper, "Ifff you don't let the mahstuh in, we'll slice you in half!" ((the spelling mistakes are my poor attempts and an undead/English accent. XD The triple 'F' is there to put draw it out, almost vampire like)))

The gate-keeper sighs, " Fine fine, don't need another stitchin' today. Get on through..."

The demons sink back in to the ground and the man walks slowly through the gate, not saying anything to the gate-keeper.

5/29/2009 #4 Report

Remiel stared up at the gate before him, unsure of where it leads or where he even was for that matter. He paced in front of it, examining the gate from all angles.

"Halt! Why are you here?" said the gate in a commanding voice.

"So gates talk?" muttered Remi as he continued to examine the gate.

"Are you dense?" asked the gate.

Annoyed by the gate keeper's tone he snapped at it, "Where do you lead to?"

"Deadlund! Though one as slow as you doesn't belong here!"

A loud menacing snarl erupted from Remiel's throat at the insult. He wasn't slow. His state of ignorance wasn't his fault.

"Fine." said the gate keeper. "Don't have a cow, enter." The gate then swung open, granting Remiel passage.

9/26/2009 #5 Report

A hyper girl with jet black hair looked up at the gate in awe

"Halt! Who dares pass here?" the Gate asked.

"Me, Pwincess Lyra of the Summers clan of-" the girl was cut of by the Gate.

"Pass through, I don't need knowledge of what I already know!" the Gate said.

With her face red, and nose up in the air, Lyra passed through, annoyed.

10/14/2010 #6 Report
Alfred Symon

Brent ran and ran. If he would stop, the souls will get to him and feed on him soft flesh. She ran towards the Everglade National Park. He thought of his advantages: He's sixteen and very strong, he's the fastest runner at school, he believes he will survive. He thought of his disadvantages: He can't survive.

He stumbled on a gate at the end of the forest.

"State your business." Cried the gate.

"What-who said that?" He said.

"I am the gate out of this world, I am the gate of the oblivion, I am the gate of your survival."

"Let me through, please!" He moaned, his voice raspy and weak from fear of death. "They chase after me!"

"I only let those who are worthy."

"But I am worthy!"

"Then you may come in."

With his miraculous luck, he got pass the gate when the souls reached him. More to be said, his luck quickly ran out.

"Thank you!" He cried.

The gate opened slowly, he saw the fangs of the souls oozing with saliva of hunger for flesh.

"Why-why are you letting them in?"

"But they are also worthy." The gate said ending with a small but evil laugh.

"No! No!" A great shadow cast over him, the saliva poured on his body."Help!"

A great scream of pain and torture emanated from the very forest.

2/11/2011 #7 Report
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