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Around the City
A Sand Josieph

This basicly just walking around the streets of DeadLund. Just think Post Apocalypse and you get the idea.

11/7/2008 #1 Report
A Sand Josieph

((From Gateway))

The great S.O.S. Sinker flew over the town, looking for someone to mug and/or rob.

"Keep yer eyes out," Captain Tiller told his crew, "ye never know what be lurking below..."

11/7/2008 #2 Report

[From Gateway]

Quietly, Sylelle walked in as Rakyu hid in her bag which held only a camera and a wallet. She giggled slightly, walking through the area, looking for somewhere to rest.

11/9/2008 #3 Report
A Sand Josieph

The area seemed to be a deserted wasteland with broken cars and rotting corpses here and there. The town was called DeadLund for a reason. A few zombies could even be seen ambling about as well. Suddenly, a great ghost ship floated over Sylelle and Rakyu.

"Look down there, Captain!" shouted a voice, "Landlubbers!"

11/9/2008 #4 Report

Rakyu noticed the ship above them. "M'lady, it's a floating ship~!" he exclaimed, shocked until Sylelle kissed his forehead and hid him in his bag...that would keep him quiet.

"I can tell Rakyu," she whispered, looking up at the large ship.

11/9/2008 #5 Report
A Sand Josieph

Suddenly, a number of ghostly objects dropped down the ship and surrounded the two.

"Alright you two," said a large ghostly treasure chest, "Give us all your valuables that you don't need to survive with and we just might let you live...or starve, which-ever comes first..."

11/9/2008 #6 Report

Sylelle walked right through them [being able to turn "spirit form"] and then turned invisible, silently running north with Rakyu. "Run!"

11/10/2008 #7 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Arr! that won't be enough!" said the ghostly treasure chest and the pirate objects gave chase. It was more comical than horrifying.

11/10/2008 #8 Report

Sylelle disappeared in an instant, camouflaging to the wall.

11/10/2008 #9 Report
A Sand Josieph

The ghostly objects kept on looking and since there was an entire shipload of them, there were plenty of them to look.

11/10/2008 #10 Report

"What could they possibly steal? All you have is your wallet and camera? You need both those utensils to survive..." Rakyu whispered.

11/10/2008 #11 Report
A Sand Josieph

"I hear something!" said a ghostly taperecording machine, notifying the other ghosts. he turned in the general direction of Rakyu's voice.

11/10/2008 #12 Report

Sylelle slapped him and continued to run, before deciding to unleash Rakyu. "Is this war ever going to end?"

Rakyu's eyes turned red. "War?" Quickly, he turned red with anger [literally] and jumped out of Sylelle's bag as she disappeared behind him, he turning into a being taller than the buildings. He attacked the ship, and didn't let the ghosts get past him to even touch Sylelle.

11/11/2008 #13 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Release the Kraken!" someone aboard the ghost ship shouted and from a large door on the main deck emerged a large eight tentacled beast, the Almighty kraken. It was mysteriously larger than the ship that it came out of and could easily match the beast attacking its mobile home.

11/13/2008 #14 Report

Rakyu growled, growing larger and strengthening itself much stronger, punching the Kraken to the ground with his 1000x punch.

11/14/2008 #15 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Woah, Woah!" shouted a voice from the ghost ship. It was Captain Tiller himself. All the ghosts suddenly stopped whatever they were doing as the short ghostly captain descended to the ground. He approached where Sellele was and said, "Look, all we need are the things you don't need to survive. No trouble."

11/17/2008 #16 Report

"There are a few things wrong with that specified sentence, and we only hold things that we need to survive. We take no unnessecary items," Sylelle pointed out, before gently calming Rakyu down.

11/27/2008 #17 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Really?" asked Captaiin Tiller, "Dam. So much for that plan. So what now?"

11/28/2008 #18 Report

Sylelle smiled at Rakyu, winking.

11/29/2008 #19 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Great, now we 'ave nothing to do since this now be a stalemate," said Capt. Tiller.

12/4/2008 #20 Report

Sylelle chuckled, and ran off with Rakyu, waving a bunch un-needless things before them.

12/5/2008 #21 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Perfect," muttered Cash, "Now who are we going to roleplay with?"

12/5/2008 #22 Report

[[Another break, lol]]

Sylelle turned around as Rakyu continued to run.

"Sylelle-hime, let's go!"

She looked at him and then back to the flying ship. "Nah, this might be fun." Her steps were even, unlike Rakyu, who was most definetly afraid now.

12/5/2008 #23 Report
A Sand Josieph

"Alright, we'll make a compromise," said Tiller, "We won't steal from ye as long as ye accompany us."

12/14/2008 #24 Report

"Alrighty then," She grinned and Rakyu glared at his master.


"Hush!" she hissed, before grinning at Capt. Tiller.

12/18/2008 #25 Report
A Sand Josieph

"So, are ye new around here?" asked Tiller as his great ghost ship lowered down a long ladder.

12/19/2008 #26 Report

"Yes, me and my friend here." She smiled. "We decided to move around a bit, see what these scary places are like." Sylelle answered, and rolled her eyes at Rakyu. "Though he didn't want to..." she mumbled annoyingly.

12/19/2008 #27 Report

(i hope its ok for me to join in 8D)

A shadow moved in the distance followed by a glint of red. It stayed still for a moment, blending in with the other shadows until it darted off again.

9/26/2009 #28 Report
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