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Species and Backgrounds

Here you can give an explanation of a new kind of species, its history, its beings and other information about it. Alongside that, you can give character backgrounds/pasts, and information about them. Also explain physical features of a certain species, if there is one.

11/9/2008 #1 Report

Species Name: Minasos Clan

Age: Born in 1930's, new species


1. Minasos Human [has the regular powers of any Minasos, but is in the shape of a human - Sylelle Minasos is a human Minasos]

2. Minasos Grand Demon [has the regular powers of any Minasos, but is in the shape of a giant demon {such as a dragon or huge demon} as they are normally evil - the father of Rakyu is a grand demon Minasos]

3. Minasos Imp Demon [has the regular powers of any Minasos, but is in the shape of an imp demon {such as a goblin or imp} as they are normally evil, but regularily change sides - Rakyu is an imp demon Minasos

4. Minasos Celestial [has the regular powers of any Minasos, but is in the shape of either a human or an animal as Celestials are gods/godesses or special creatures that are important to the Minasos clan - Godess Maye [goddess of creation] is a Celestial]

Creation: The Minasos were created artificially through transmutation of the human body, demons and creatures. Only Celestial Minasos were created naturally, through the beliefs of all the Minasos. After about ten years of the original human Minasos, the Celestials were created, and then the grand demons. They made Imp Demons, who either change into Grand Demons when older, or simply stay the same. All Minasos have the ability to become invisible and increase their strength to a certain degree due to a chemical placed inside them.

Special Abilities: All Minasos have certain abilities...you must look for their attributes in a certain character, since none of them have the exact same abilities.

Miscellaneous Information: Minasos breed differently than humans. When a female Minasos gets pregnant, it takes them only 2 months to give birth, which is not painful for them at all, and then they let their child rest in a little "room" for about 3 more months. This is changed when a female human gives birth to half Minasos, as they are normally born 5 months after first getting pregnant, and rest in a room for 4 months. If it is a male human, nothing changes.

11/10/2008 #2 Report
Musa di Apollo

Character Name: March Finton.

March was created in to a demon of hell after dabbling too much in the dark arts. After accidentally summoning a horde of demons in to his home and on to his neighboring villagers, the demons carried him to there portal to Earth and slowly transformed him in to a demon. His skin is now black as coal, both of his eyes completely red (( no white )), and claws on his hands that are almost pure white. He keeps himself wrapped up to avoid attention, and tries to convince himself that what happened to him was a tragedy. But deep down, a place that is slowly making its hellish face to the surface, he believes that he can control the world.

I tried using him in a story, didn't work out. You can take the idea, I dont care. XD

5/29/2009 #3 Report
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