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as beauty dies

Which one, the original or the remake? ;) - as beauty dies

4/10/2007 #31 Report

I loved the Ring, although I think 'The Shining' is the best movie eeevver!!! It has a real chill factor in there. Most everyone I know says The Ring was not scary. Of course not. Not in a theatre full of laughing teenagers and friends. Alone, in an empty house, it gets really frightening. I start looking around me as if a ghost really could come out of the TV. The best way to get scared is to a see a horror movie completely alone. Never watched 'Saw' because I'm a wimp when it comes to torture, but I defintely am going to check out The Decent. Ever seen Hostel? Worst, most disgusting horror movie I've ever seen!!!

4/23/2007 #32 Report
as beauty dies

"The Ring" was okay; I guess I had high expectations because I'd seen "Ringu" waaaaay before the remake. Have you seen it? If your not a fan or foreign movies, it might not be for you, but if you're okay with it, then you might like it. Lots. "The Descent" is actually pretty weird, considering; it's a movie that you have to see un-cut because the American distributors totally botched the ending. :/ Plus, really scary and gross-looking crawlers (I still squirm when I see them, XD)! Oh; and by "Worst, most disgusting horror movie I've ever seen!!!" [in referance to "Hostel"] do you mean it in a good way or a bad? 'Cause I don't know whether to interput it as "it was so awesomely twisted/disgusting" or as "it is the most sickening thing I have ever seen [lists complaints/criticsm]." XD - as beauty dies

4/23/2007 #33 Report

I have seen Ringue actually, but the language barrier kept me from being scared. I couldn't keep up with all the clues as well as read the subtitles. Usually I steer towards movies in Spanish. 'The Descent' sounds a little like this movie I saw about a group of scientists who go into an underground cave and find a predatory species. I loved the creatures. Hostel was disgusting in a bad way. The torture was gruesome. My friend pushed me into seeing it. I almost threw up. Seriously.

4/24/2007 #34 Report

i like Tale of two sisters as well, its more like a psychological movie rather than a horror movie. my all time fave is the The Doll Master. Creepy and it just hit me hard since i treat my dolls (actually all my things) as alive. You should watch it, it has lessons to be learned and yah.. the dolls are cute and in the same time creepy... after watching the movie you may think before throwing away your old toys. LoL

4/27/2007 #35 Report

I want to see that. Dolls creep me out completely. My father has a porcelain doll in the basement in one of those old fashioned dresses. It looks like something right from a movie and I always have to turn it around if I want to go into that room,lol. I realize that it isn't going to jump down at me, but it's seriously creepy. Any doll with black, beady eyes is scary. It's amazing I ever had any toys! :D I just saw The Invisible, although it doesn't really classify as a horror movie. It's more of a thriller. Or a sick-flick (my word for pg-13 horror movies that are just a cheap thrill.)

4/28/2007 #36 Report
dog problems

[q]Mine, will be "IT" from Stephen King's IT, I can watch any scary movie except for that one without being scare like six months...[/q] Seconded. - Colleen

5/5/2007 . Edited 5/27/2007 #37 Report

I've read IT, and I really want to see it. If the movie is as good as the book, then I'll defintely rent it and watch it... as long as I have a friend there. ^^

5/6/2007 #38 Report
dog problems

The novel version of IT scares the f*** out of me. I once stayed up until 4 a.m. reading that, and then I just laid there in fear for the two hours before I had to wake up. It's worse than the film. - Colleen

5/27/2007 #39 Report
Exploding Penguin

I haven't found a horror movie that scares me so I don't really count films that are supposed to be horror films as horror. But my favourite horror film has to be the original version of The Exorcist. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is boring, as is Dawn Of The Dead. How many times can you watch a zombie being shot? And for Texas Chainsaw Massacre the moments where there is actually something supposed to scare you are too far and few between. Other films I like are Nightmare On Elm Street (first one only) and Saw 3. Nightmare On Elm Street because it's funny and Saw 3 because it's the only gory film that actually makes me feel sick.

6/1/2007 #40 Report

See men behind the Sun. It will freak the crap out of you AND make you sick, I guarantee it.

6/1/2007 #41 Report

For those who didn't like the ending for The Descent, go and get it on DVD. The DVD ending is so much btter. It doesn't end with someone sitting in the car, it keeps going. Goddamn hallucinations. Favourite horror would either be The Devils Rejects or Saw III.

7/20/2007 #42 Report

all The nighmare on elm street movies still give me nightmares to this day! My favorite scary movie is Joy ride

8/23/2007 #43 Report
Connor Mack

Horror movies don't really scare me, but I've noticed older horror is a lot creepier and more eerie than horrors today. Since I live in Iowa I guess the creepiest horror for me had to be Children of the Corn.

8/23/2007 #44 Report

Children of the corn scared me alittle too but not as much as Freddy does.

8/24/2007 #45 Report
Lady Glass

Session 9 - Not really scary, but it's soooo good. Love the last line, and the building it was shot in has a creepy/haunted history in the first place, so it's always really interesting to see movies like that. Great movie! :)

9/9/2007 #46 Report
Rachel Lemke

It's hard to pick a favorite, because I am a huge fan. I'd say The Shining scared the crap out of me, and if the movie the Descent was amazing. If you haven't seen it, you need to rent it.

9/9/2007 #47 Report
Lupe Heart

I think the scariest movie I've ever seen would have to be Rose Red. My most fav. would have to be Sleepy Hallow staring Johnny Depp!

9/18/2007 #48 Report

The original Nightmare on Elm street wins for me. Followed in secodn by the original Scream movie.

1/13/2008 #49 Report
Dalia N'Shard

For me it's Steven King's RoseRed,hands down,the scariest movie I've seen.

1/31/2008 #50 Report
J. L. Tillinghast

I'm definitely gonna have to with Stephen King's IT, this movie still gives me the creeps and I'm 21. I've never been scared of Horror Movies, but when I was a kid and I saw this movie the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. Even now when I browse through the pictures I have in my Computer I sometimes come across the pictures I have of IT and little by little, in the darkness, I can sense Pennywise walking up behind me. Heck, sometimes when I fall asleep by my computer I'm afraid I'm gonna wake up to a balloon and muddy footprints on the floor. "Never trust a clown who appears in a sewer drain!"

2/25/2008 #51 Report

The scarist movie I've seen? Well, the original Omen is definetly one of them. Oh, and Event Horizon! That one scared me real bad!

3/22/2008 #52 Report

I love Zombie and Cannibal film, has anyone here seen [i]Cannibal Holocaust[/i]? It has to be the goriest, freakiest and most controversial film ever made, it was directed by Ruggero Deodato. While I won't give the plot away know this; real live animals were used in the killing scenes. The sea turtle in the disembowlment scene: Real The monkey getting it's face cut off with a machate: real The piglet kicked a shot: Real Also there an impalement scene, a scene where a woman is r*** with a stone and a man is emasculated, cooked, and eaten. And that's the lighter side of the film... Yeah, it's pretty f*** sick. But amazing for its themes of humanity, cruelty and modern man's greed. anyone who says they have seen [i]Saw[/i] and is freaked out (those movies suck big time) don't watch [i]Cannibal Holocaust[/i]

4/1/2008 #53 Report
Rose Valentine

- Texas Chainsaw Massacre [all parts] too grisly a movie! I can't eat well for two dang weeks because of this!

- Shutter Taught me not to trust cameras anymore...

4/8/2008 #54 Report

Texas Chainsaw Massacre was okay. The original was the better of the two.

Anyone here like monster flicks? Like Night of the Living Dead?

4/8/2008 #55 Report

Sorta. Old style grindhouse can be fun. The new one, Planet Terror, is worth seeing for the laugh. I actually haven't seen Night of The Living Dead ...worth seeing, yeah?

4/8/2008 #56 Report

Night of the Living Dead is a classic, it is totally worth seeing. Go with the black-and-white version.

4/9/2008 #57 Report

Oh? Will definatly have to see it ... for black and white zombie cheese if nothing else. Anything else worth a look?

4/9/2008 #58 Report

The scariest movie I have ever seen was Stigmata. -shiver-

4/11/2008 #59 Report

Imprint - I'm scared of needles because of this movie.

4/21/2008 #60 Report
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