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Favorite horror movie

What was Imprint about, I really would love to see it!

4/21/2008 #61 Report

Good question, I've never heard of it ... it sounds good though ...

4/21/2008 #62 Report

It's set in the Victorian age -- an Englishman fell in love with a prostitute named Komomo and promised to come back for her after he returned to London for a few years. He returns to an island to look for her and ends up staying the night, accompanied by a w*** with blue-hair and a deformed face. She tells him her past, etc.

It is so good. I definitely reccomend watching this. Rated R. :3

4/29/2008 #63 Report

I'll check it out ... if I can find it over here .... grr, stupid stingy video shops!

4/29/2008 #64 Report

Yeah, it's pretty hard to find. My friend found it at a video store in Louisville. You could probably find it on online (probably? Definitely). But, yeah. I for sure reccomend it.

5/1/2008 #65 Report

Okay. ;)

5/1/2008 #66 Report

Night of the Living Dead is one of my favourites. Zombies scare the hell out of me.

I absolutely LOVED 30 Days of Night though.

6/10/2008 #67 Report

I never saw 30 days of night, I've read the comic, but never saw the flick; is it any good?

6/11/2008 #68 Report

It certainly does the comic justice, and is great fun to watch.

6/11/2008 #69 Report

Uhm... Really any horror movie would scare me(if not from the 80s or something), but only if it was the last movie I've watched that day. I tend to think of the last movie I've seen and if it's a horror movie that was fairly scary then it would cause me to hear things and stuff XDD

I love asian horror.

Ju-On(and the sequels)


The DollMaster


Whispering Corridors(series)

Dark Water

A Tail of Two Sisters

The Eye etc. etc. :)

But I've also (of course) watched American horror movies. :) pretty much all of them. 3

7/20/2008 #70 Report
The Death Muse

I enjoy this thread - lots of good suggestions.

Anyway, there are a few movies that have not been mentioned: "the Unrest" and "Reincarnation." Both were part of the 2006 8 Films to Die For - After Dark Horrorfest. "Reincarnation" is a Japanese horror, and a brilliant piece of work. It's about this actress who starts experiencing these strange events while filming a movie based on some massacre. "The Unrest" is about these students at summer school training to become doctors, and this one corpse starts giving them problems. I don't know about Blockbuster or any other rental store, but HMV has them. I wouldn't buy the entire set of movies though because some of them were bad. "The Hamiltons" wasn't brutal, but I couldn't sit through "Penny Dreadful" because it was too contrite. As for the 2007 After Dark, none of the movies sounded good enough to bother watching. Hopefully 2008 is different:

And although it's not out yet, I have faith "World War Z" will be a good horror. It's originally a book written by Max Brooks (Mel Brooks' son).

I also like the original "Dawn of the Dead," "Land of the Dead," "Saw 1&2," "Shaun of the Dead" (like when Dylan Moran gets pulled apart), "Ju-on" - especially the ghost who is 1/2 things that scare me on this planet (the other is zombies), and that creepy sound used in "Jeeper Creepers" - you know the one I'm talking about (it's also used in another movie which I currently cannot recall). I also didn't mind "the Ruins," which does not have the traditional horror foe. I also recall being afraid during "Arachnophobia" (1990, Jeff Daniels), but I was young when I saw it.

8/5/2008 #71 Report
The Death Muse

AND "28 Days Later," "the Cube," and "the Orphanage."

8/5/2008 #72 Report
Simon Drown

IT is my favourite horror film, mainly when Pennywise shows those terrifying shark teeth near the beggining when he kills Georgie

8/15/2008 #73 Report


The original Japanese version of the Ring.

Creepy without being gratuitous.

I nearly crapped myself.

8/16/2008 #74 Report

eXistenZ scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it, still trips me out, I saw it at the cinema in '99.

I like Sleepwalkers, Event Horizon, The Temp, Brainscan, Thinner, Langoliers, the fly, delicatessen, aliens, child's play, misery, killer klowns from outer space, night of the demons 2, elm street: dream warriors, hellraiser, leprechaun..etc.

9/1/2008 #75 Report
Nathalia Graves

I could be the fact that puppets scare the sweet eggplants out of me but I thought Dead Silence was pretty freaky, right there beside: Crazy Eights and Deathwatch. But then again, I'm just not good with titles though I've seen over 100 horror movies...

9/14/2008 #76 Report

Wow, that's crazy, I had a dream about Dead Silence, last night.

But I couldn't remember the title, then when you said it, I was like that's it!

9/14/2008 #77 Report
No Longer An Account

The Devil's Rejects, most definately.

I've also heard about a German movie based on the Stanford Prison Expirament, but I haven't seen it because I can't seem to find a copy subbed or dubbed in English.

9/15/2008 #78 Report
Eyes of the World

I have yet to watch an actual scary movie that scares me (and, yes, I've seen both versions of 'The Shining') so I'm going to go with 'Silent Hill' and 'The Nun,' simply because I liked the twists and psychological aspects either one or the other had. I also liked the not-so-subtle commentary on religious extremism.

9/22/2008 #79 Report

God, am I the only one who thinks Blair Witch Project is scary?

Call me chicken, I also think Disturbia is scary.

10/4/2008 #80 Report

I like the Blair Witch Project, I've got it on VHS.

When I saw it at the cinema with my sister I was terrified and we past alot of bush in the drive home and it was night time.

I was too scared to sleep.

10/4/2008 #81 Report

Horror movies have yet to give me nightmares or keep me awake at night. I wanted to see the dinosaur eat people in Jurassic Park at 3. I saw Resident Evil when I was 7. I do like The Cube though. That was weird. Other than that I don't get scared. I get jumpy while the movies playing, but I normally laugh at them.

10/10/2008 #82 Report

I don't really have a fav but I recently saw the audition and it was awesome! You should check it out if you haven't already.

10/17/2008 #83 Report

ooo I forgot to mention hellraiser.. as a kid that is what kept me up at night afraid to turn off my light.

Pinhead is one scary mofo.

10/17/2008 #84 Report

I reckon Doctor Weir from Event Horizon could take Pinhead in a fight.

10/17/2008 #85 Report

oOo damn I haven't seen that movie in the longest time and naw pinhead would make him his b*tch hands down. lol

10/17/2008 #86 Report
Fractured Illusion

Oooh, what an interesting topic! :D

I am not a big of Japanese horror movies at all. Not even the Ring. They bore me.

I am however a fan of Spanish horror movies. At least from the examples I have seen, I can confidently say that they know their stuff :D It's not the same formula as it is with Japanese horror, in which there are angry ghosts that terrorize, but sometimes they turn out to NOT be so bad (and were actually the good guys, oh my...)

The Orphanage is a prime example, for one. of a good Spanish horror. (I do apologize if this was not made in Spain. They speak spanish however, so I am refering to Spanish-language movies)

REC beats Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield so supremely, a great watch it is! :D Zombies creep me out D=

The Baby's Room (also called La habitación del niño) brought on scares as well.

There are good American horrors too of course. I am mostly into new stuff, so I am going to say 1408 (though I know many disagree) and The Mist.

Going to watch the Cube trilogy sometime soon, btw, so I hope to get some scares. ^.^

11/20/2008 #87 Report

I've heard the orphanage rocks, but I haven't seen it yet. Cloverfield was a bit of fun, though. I enjoyed it.

11/20/2008 #88 Report

i loved cloverfeild. The mist pissed me off though..

11/20/2008 #89 Report
Fractured Illusion

i loved cloverfeild. The mist ** me off though

How so? (that it pissed you off I mean)

Cloverfield was good, but not as good as it could be. The start of the movie was one of the draggiest ever. I couldn't get engaged and I fast forwarded until stuff began to happen. From thereon it was pretty solid, but I will not forgive the movie for its inhumanly torturous start :p

11/21/2008 #90 Report
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