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Favorite horror movie

The start was a bit 'suddenly nothing happens' all right. But I still loved it. I've only read the Mist, I haven't watched it.

11/21/2008 #91 Report
Fractured Illusion

Horrojunkie, what are your fav horror movies?

11/21/2008 #92 Report

Event Horizon. The Omen. Alien 1&2. Most horror films I enjoy 'cuz they make me laugh. Those three made me jump, and Event Horizon is one of the few that's made me scream. You?

11/21/2008 #93 Report
Fractured Illusion

I haven't actually screamed because of a horror movie (yet!) but one day maybe :D

Movies that gave me a reaction other than the above mentioned...well, Saw and Hostel.

I know, I know. "It's torture p***! We have no respect for it!". I don't care. They were totally raw and made me squirm in my seat. Hostel also made me think "jeez this could actually be real!" which is scary in and of itself. However, Hostel dragged very much in its first half of the movie. I hate that.

Gonna try and find Event Horizon now :o

11/21/2008 #94 Report

It's not that I don't have respect for those movies, I do see what they're trying to do, but I have a very bad reaction to seeing torture and mass death. You should have seen me watching Hotel Rwanda. Balling my eyes out and everyone looking at me like I'm a freak. Meh, what can you do.

Event Horizon just rocks!

11/21/2008 #95 Report

Hostel? Come on. All it was sex and gore. The tendon cutting scene was stupid and apprarently that was the worst scene.

Saw is very good. It's amazing how people can up with traps like that.

The Orphange was more a mystery/ thriller. It was scary or horrorish at all. The creepiest part was the little boy with the bag over his head.

I jump because it's my reflex not a single scream.

30 Days of Night was a good one. So was 28 Days. It was nice to finally have fast zombies. IT just creeps me because of the clown. Clowns = creepy. All the Chucky movies. Creepy pyhscopathic doll. And most scary movies with British kids.

11/21/2008 #96 Report
Fractured Illusion

Hostel? Come on. All it was sex and gore. The tendon cutting scene was stupid and apprarently that was the worst scene.

See this is what I'm saying. People always get all "puh-leeease!" when you mention Hostel.

30 Days of Night...nah... Not so much. It was good in some aspects but I couldn't really buy it (the things happening, I mean). Ending scene was really nice though, as was the song.

Can't remember 28 Days but I think I liked it.

The Orphanage was creepy. I don't think horror needs to have the music and then the BAM scene where something happens. Creepy can be horror too and I appreciate that movie for doing that.

11/21/2008 #97 Report

I'll agree about the creepy bit. Sometimes, a slow burn horror, without big jumps or gore is worse as you keep thinking something will happen, even if it never does.

11/21/2008 #98 Report
Fractured Illusion

Exactly! Because you're on the edge of your seat, drowning in suspense, and giving your full attention to the movie. :D

Does anyone know any other movies like that? (creepy ones) I'd love to see them!

11/21/2008 #99 Report

The Exorcist maybe? Oh and the original Fog.

I love creepy movies. Even when they're not strictly horror. Like Jaws. The suspense killed me!

11/21/2008 #100 Report
Fractured Illusion

I fell asleep during the Exorcist when I was a kid :p

Haven't seen the Fog though! Might look at that if the premise sounds appealing. *off to imdb.com*

11/21/2008 #101 Report


Fog is cool. Will rent it out tomorrow!

11/21/2008 #102 Report
Fractured Illusion

Since you said you liked the Omen, are the sequels any good? I liked the first one, you see. But sequels are known for their low standard :p

11/21/2008 #103 Report

If I'm utterly honest, I never saw them either. The low ratings put me off as well.

11/21/2008 #104 Report

I've always thought of Saw as a b-grade version of Seven, and Seven was scary but def more of a thriller.

Hostel sounds interesting, tenden cutting is good gore.

I loved Pet Sematary 2 (I think it was 2) with the knife in the ankle.

Event Horizon was the first movie since Blair Witch to actually scare me.

I love Delicatessen tho it's more of a black comedy.

Love eXistenZ and Mulholland Drive, tho they're debatable on the genre front.

Love Aliens tho I'm curious about the Cronenberg influence.

Child's Play as well as The Temp, Thinner and Langoliers (Tom Holland Rulz)

Love Sleepwalkers by Mick Garris, screenplay by the King of Kings.

Night of the Demons 2 has everything from decapitation to t*** that attack.

I'd love to see more movies that actually scare me, but most of the horror programmes are filled with US versions of Japanese mainstream horror.

Didn't like The Ring, thought it was a bit thrown together.

I am Legend was stupid, I just saw an Australian Zombie movie that was pretty cool with acid rain, fish that attack and aliens, forgot the name tho.

In the Mouth of Madness was cool, I didn't really dig The Thing (anything in the snow that isn't Cliffhanger or Empire bores me) or Carpenter's Vampire movie.

Cube was weak compared to eXistenZ.

N*** Lunch and Videodrome are almost horror.

Scarfies had elements of Horror.

Desperation was okay, but I'm annoyed that I saw it before I read the book (I know a guy who worked on that movie).

I was looking forward to seeing an Argento movie but the one I watched was dissappointing.

Thrillerwise - Lord of the Flies was pretty boring, Alfred Hitchcock's Rope was better. Phone Booth was kind of cool.

Monkeyshines is awesome.

I finally saw the Dead Zone movie - pretty cool but the book is way better.

Dead Ringers is kind of creepy.

Scanners is cool.

The Brood, Rabid and Shivers were a bit silly.

Brainscan is one of my favourite b-grade horror movies, Eddie Furlong rulz and the monster is oh so cool.

(reminds me of Little Monsters)

Hellraiser kicks butt, Clive Barker's other movies not nearly as good.

The Ugly and It are funny ones. (the book of It is my favourite novel)

Both versions of The Fly are cool.

Nothing But Trouble is a creepy black comedy that thinks it's a horror movie.

Nightmare on Elm Street is way better than Friday the 13th.

Halloween makes no sense.

Dr Giggles is hilarious.

Candyman is cool - Virginia Madsen rocks.

Children of the Corn is reasonably cool.

Basketcase 2 is the worst movie of all time, even worse than Demons.

I couldn't get through Wizard of Gore, just found it boring.

yea, that's about it.

11/21/2008 #105 Report

You should so read the book, it's miles deeper and at least as scary as the film.

11/21/2008 #106 Report

I agree the party beg was kind of slow.. but i like how your watching a party and all the sudden "earthquake"..

It me off cause of the ending.. thats so sad what he had to do and then if he would have waited five more mins they would have all lived.. it made me mad. But the rest of the movie was straight.. I would just never want to see that movie again.

11/21/2008 #107 Report

That's a bit of a long list ....

I liked Cube. Although the gore factor was a bit low, the psychological aspect stands Superior to most others along the same theme. I enjoyed the way those I thought were the hero's became the villains in the end! But, that's my opinion and I respect yours as well.

Anything written by King is bound to be good, with the exception of Needful Things - a book I can't like, but I find that the movies become too narrow and not at all as good. The Shining rocked, but then again, it's miles apart from the book in everything but name. Some do become as good, but the Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption aren't horror movies at all.

Nightmare on Elm Street wasn't great as a horror movie, but as cheap and cheerful laugh out loud fun it works. It never fails to make me laugh.

Also, I don't usually watch the sequels. Not since I feel asleep in the Hills Have Eyes 2, and actually walked away from the Exorcist 2. However, Aliens was awesome, but more of an action thriller then anything else. I didn't watch Pet Semetary 2, or 1 now that I think of it, ^^;

Event Horizon stands alone for me though. For scares, but also for the creepy feeling that something's going to happen, no matter what does.

Okay, ranty thingy done. I feel better now.

11/22/2008 #108 Report

I havent watched cube since i was little. I remembered bits and peieces but out of curiousity i watched again this morning on the internet.. it was a good movie.. But no explaination of anything, nor not a lot of blood but it still kept my attention..oh and bad acting.. Well i'm off to watch part two, and if that keeps me awake maybe i'll watch part three.

11/23/2008 . Edited 11/23/2008 #109 Report

Well, I haven't watched too many horror movies but a couple of good thrillers I saw are Red Eye and Flightplan.

11/23/2008 #110 Report

El Orfanato is practically the only movie that's ever really scared me. (But once you've seen it once, you know all the secrets, so it's not as exciting...) It's in Spanish, but there's always subtitles....

12/9/2008 #111 Report

El Orfanato is practically the only movie that's ever really scared me. (But once you've seen it once, you know all the secrets, so it's not as exciting...) It's in Spanish, but there's always subtitles....

12/9/2008 #112 Report

El Orfanato is practically the only movie that's ever really scared me. (But once you've seen it once, you know all the secrets, so it's not as exciting...) It's in Spanish, but there's always subtitles....

12/9/2008 #113 Report

hehe, sorry it posted that three times.... i don't know what's up with that.....

12/9/2008 #114 Report
Shadow Jones

Hey - ever watched Blade Two? A little old now but heaps good - even a bit better than the first. Certainly more gruesome.

1/19/2009 #115 Report

Nothing beats a silent film haha. "Nosferatu" is one of my favorites, along with "Night of the Living Dead" of course. Zombie movies make the world go round. :)

2/5/2009 #116 Report

My favorite was always The Shinning. The first haloween movie was pretty great too

2/11/2009 #117 Report

The Shining? Awesome movie! "Here's Johnny!!"

And Zombies do make the world go round ... although I'd prefer Dawn of the Dead.

2/12/2009 #118 Report

I've recently been watching a lot of Zombie movies. I'd say my favorite so far was Diary of the Dead.

3/13/2009 #119 Report

I saw a decent zombie short on triggerstreet a few years ago.

3/13/2009 #120 Report
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