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Mawr Gorshin

I remember a Poe story with Vincent Price that was a cross between The Telltale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado, with Peter Lorre.

9/3/2013 #211 Report

That's Tales of Terror, one of the movies in the American International series of Poe movies.

9/3/2013 #212 Report
Mawr Gorshin

Yeah, I remember Vincent Price, as Montressor, gurgling his wine in a pompous way, as if to show off his 'expertise' with wine.

9/4/2013 #213 Report

He was also an expert on wine in Tower of London, where he was the drunken brother of Richard III played by Basil Rathbone, with Boris Karloff as the executioner given the clubfoot Richard was supposed to have had. Vincent did a remake of Tower of London years later but said Rathbone's version was more historically accurate.

9/4/2013 #214 Report
Mawr Gorshin

Was 'Tower of London' based on the Shakespeare Richard III, or was it more based on the actual, historical king?

9/5/2013 #215 Report

More on the legends of how evil he was. It was a horror movie so they went with the worst ideas about Richard.

9/5/2013 #216 Report

There's a six minute radio program of Peter Lorre acting out Cask of Amontillado on youtube. It's not Poe's dialogue it's him telling the woman he loved how he killed Fortunado and it's obvious he's crazy because he yells then he laughs. I think it originally was part of a radio horror show that ran short so they added that at the end to fill out the time. Not sure but I think it was Quiet Please: The Thing on the Fourble Board which is also on youtube but not in the same post. The poster misspelled it Cask of Amontiado. "But he will not come! He will NOT come! EVER!" "And so, dead among the living, may you wait for your Fortunado as he waits for you. And me? I am condemned too...condemned forever...of my own love."

9/5/2013 #217 Report

The Shining was pretty creepy.

10/15/2013 #218 Report
Cool Monsters

Quite a few scary shows had some good episodes. Boris Karloff's thriller adapted some classic horror stories like Robert Bloch's Pigeons from Hell. The much later Tales from the Darkside had some bad episodes but was overall better than the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street shows that came out at the same time. Halloween Candy is considered one of the scariest episodes. Another episode, Levitation, looks silly but doesn't stay that way. The story has been adapted into different media, including a Marvel comic. A smart aleck mocks a magician, claiming he's a fake. The magician angrily suggests he be his assistant in his greatest trick, levitation. The guy agrees hoping to make fun of him during the trick, and the magician orders him to rise into the air. He starts actually floating higher and higher, causing the magician to laugh at the wiseguy, but the strain of using real magic instead of sleight of hand causes him to have a heart attack and die before he can bring him down. Unable to stop the spell, the heckler continues to float helplessly higher and higher, presumably forever.

10/20/2013 #219 Report
Mawr Gorshin

@Cool Monsters: Cool story, the one about the magician and the levitation.

10/21/2013 #220 Report

Janet Leigh was killed in what's considered the first slasher movie, Psycho. Years later her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis started her career in Halloween, which started the slasher craze. And if Alfred Hitchcock had been given a decent budget for Psycho he might have used Janet's husband and Jamie's father, Tony Curtis as Norman Bates instead of unknown Anthony Perkins. Some family. That would have meant Tony Curtis would have stabbed and killed his wife.

10/30/2013 . Edited 11/1/2013 #221 Report

The Evil Dead Trilogy.

2/6/2014 #222 Report

I would like to watch it, as I'm fond of Edgar Poe's stories, but I have never watched a film based on jis stories. What was the movie's name?

4/22/2014 #223 Report

Some of the movies have nothing to do with Poe. Haunted Palace is a Lovecraft story with Vincent Price reciting a poem by Poe during the closing credits. The Oblong Box and The Conqueror Worm also have nothing to do with Poe, they just thought they'd try to disguise every Price movie as a Poe movie. Conqueror Worm was originally called Witchfinder General. Several of the movies used to be on youtube but they took them all down, including a full length episode of Elvira's Movie Macabre with Haunted Palace that was complete with original 80s commercials. The only one still there is The Oblong Box and that'll probably be taken down too.

4/22/2014 #224 Report

Hmm....I've seen plenty of scary movies, but I would have to say Boogeyman.

11/12/2014 #225 Report
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