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A Calvin Scripitt

In 2100 WWIII broke out among every nation of the world, small and large due to the larger resources. Few developed countries like the UNA [Explained Below] and almost every developing country (due to their lack of resource usage) were defending their resources while every other nation (Like the UNE [Explained Below], China, and Russia) attacked to steal those resources. They did this because the population of Earth was so high, that the larger and developed nations (Excluding the UNA) who got their resources from developing nations received less and less food and supplies because the producing nations needed to feed and shelter their own people. A massive war (WWIII) took place in 2105 and ended in 2108 during a horrific Nuclear War. All who were not sheltered were killed by the bombing and few plants and animals survived. The war meant to bring nations more resources ended up making every nation loose their goods or end with very few. People lived in basements and bombing shelters for twelve years until the radio-activity died down. Now (2135), 27 years after the bombing took place, people are trying to re-build the great countries and bring the world back into the state it was before over-population.

North and South America (Australia is included): The USA, Canada, and Mexico became one country in 2058 during a time of peace forming the UNNA (United Nations of North America). In 2062 the new president of the UNNA devised a plan to take both of the Americas. By 2083 the UNNA concurred all of South America and became the UNA (United Nations of the America's). It was the most powerful and resource-full nation in the world at that time. After the war, few colonies here and there were formed, the largest (found somewhere near Chicago, Illinois) housing only fifty-thousand people. Pre-War Population: 3 billion. Post War Population: roughly 368,400

Europe: In 2101, every nation of Europe joined to form the UNE (United Nation's of Europe). The UNA held its first congress meeting in 2101 three months after the nation was established and soon became paranoid after receiving news that stopped all goods flowing from their suppliers. The nation fell dramatically into poverty and disease spread throughout the country. Millionaires could barely afford bread and children were suffering from starvation. The few food sources the nation had went to the army and were expensive to buy. The nation broke apart during the war and a cold (Inactive) civil war began in 2120 after the massive bombing. Pre-War Population: 3.5 billion. Post War Population: estimated at 280,000

Asia: Every country is the same before the war as it is now except Japan and China formed an alliance called JCA (The Japan-China Alliance). Asia was very powerful during the war only because of their recourses. In 2106 Asia formed an alliance called the AA (Asian Alliance) The countries were the same, they just all worked together to try and defeat the UNE who started the war against them to steal their resources. After the war, there were no countries in Asia, only Clans and Tribes. The largest clan after the war was in China near Beijing. That clan held 35,000. Pre-War Population: 5.8 billion. Post War Population: between 100,000 and 350,000

Africa: The nations before the war (Same as now) are not evident after the war. As in Asia, there are only clans and tribes. Little is known about this country due to the plague that spread throughout the continent in 2020 killing millions. Small tribes here and there are all that is left now after the war. Pre-War Population: between 500,000 and 100 million (So small due to the plague). Post War Population: Unknown. Estimated to be close to 50,000

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