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Tribes and Clans
A Calvin Scripitt

Every Tribe must have at-least fifty people and every Clan must have one-thousand or more people. The limit of tribes: 5. The limit of Clans: 5.

UNA Clan: Near Chicago Illinois, this tribe is home to roughly fifty-thousand people due to its water and forest resources. The UNA clan is trying to recreate the all-powerful UNA. It spans the size of Chicago, and has a thick steel and concrete wall around the border. There are two entrances, one is by a door and another by air-travel. The residents are allowed to go out of the village, but they cant go back in without a card that opens the gate for them. New visitors must create a card and have permission to enter before they can settle in the village. A room inside the wall houses the entrance to an underground residential area including entertainment areas, and hospitals. All of the buildings were cleared above the underground residential area, and crops were planted where skyscrapers used to stand. The only buildings above the surface are the wall, the card-maker plant, the military establishments holding weaponry and training facilities, energy plants (Only solar and wind-powered [people who come have brought solar panels and many were scavenged]) and waste recycling plants. Those buildings only took up an eighth of the surface area. All other space was converted into fields and animal farms. With its “green-ness” from the solar and wind energies and waste facilities, the surrounding areas have started to come back to life. Plants and even some small animals are coming out of hiding.

Location: Chicago, IL

Population: 50,000

Work Force: 16,654 men, 13,094 women

Self-Efficiency: 45% (High)

Food Supplies: Enough to feed everyone in the city as long as the fields stay active

Weaponry: Missiles, bombs, guns of several types including machine guns and rifles, tanks and other vehicles salvaged after the war, and random future gadgets like flying armor human suits, and laser missiles.

Power: Very powerful compared to other clans and tribes.


Reborn Clan: This Clan near Beijing clung to whats left of the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China, and is the largest in Asia. With its vast expanse of firearms, the Reborn Clan almost as powerful as the UNA Clan. The reborn Clan wants peace and prosperity, but is continually under attack from the RE Clan's [explained below] Missiles. Asia is in peace, but Europe and Asia are not. The city has a thin wall of wood spikes surrounding it, except on one side which is the non-destroyed part of the Juyongguan Pass. People live anywhere in the buildings inside of the four walls, except the clinic, weapon shed, and energy plant. There are no waste buildings so disease spreads quickly, along with the pollution that is being added to the already much to polluted air from the power plant. All of the buildings except the clinic have broken, or no windows, and are very broken down to form a shack-like state of building. There is not enough room for all of the people living in the clan, but it keeps the people from being captured by the European's. The clan has mountains of weapons and can hold off much longer then the attackers could.

Location: Beijing, on the northern side of the Juyongguan Pass.

Population: 35,000

Work Force: 12,654 men, 10,094 women

Self-Efficiency: 5% (Low)

Food Supplies: OK, as long as Asian suppliers continue to come.

Weaponry: Missiles, bombs, guns of several types including machine guns and rifles, and random future gadgets like flying armor human suits, and laser missiles. (Much like the UNA Clan)

Power: Not nearly as powerful as the UNA clan, but the second highest in the ranks.

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A Calvin Scripitt

You can post your tribes/clans also, but only one per person, and once we get 5 tribes, and 5 clans, no more. Other people can join different clans and tribes.

1/4/2009 #2 Report
A Calvin Scripitt

Hilander Tribe: Positioned in Sydney Austrailia, this tribe is very fortunate because Austrailia was not badly hit by the bobmers, so much of its wildlife is in tact (The only bombing in Austrailia took place on its northern side near Darwin). It is a quickly growing tribe, but only has 600 people because of a nuclear waste problem that got into the major rivers of Australia killing hundreds of thousands. It isn't well armed, but it has the most food scources of all of the clans due to huge flocks of fish neay the bay. The city of Sydney is still alive, so the tribe uses its buildings and is the most modern tribe because it looks like "the old days (or how Sydney looks now). It has very well established hospitals, but a very weak military. The tribe is just starting to figure out the art of underground cities, and is working on a residencial part which will hold most of the citizens of Hilander. It is called Hilander because of the man who created the tribe. (Someone else can make Mr./Mrs. Hilander) Work is being planned to put a wall around the city, and since the city is so far developed, wildlife conservation plans are under way. Only a few type of animals died due to the Nuclear Waste, so most of the general Austrailian animals are still alive, including endangered species such a the koala bear.

Location: Sydney, Austrailia

Population: 658

Work Force: 250 men, 150 women

Self-Efficiency: 65% (Very High; Due to the city being in such good condition)

Food Supplies: More than enough

Weaponry: Guns of several types including machine guns, and random future gadgets like flying armor human suits, and laser missiles

Power: Not powerful due to lack of wepondry.

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