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A Calvin Scripitt

Here you can post up to four characters. Try to make each character end in the same clan/tribe, but they dont have to start in the same clan/tribe. You can live with your family and neighbors, but they can not form a tribe unless there are tribe positions opened. Feel free to start posting your characters. I am working on mine, so they will not be posted until furthere notice. UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER WAS BORN AFTER OR DURING THE WAR; YOUR CHARACTERS MUST BE ATLEAST 30 YEARS OLD! Mutations are acceptible but tell how they got mutated. Now the air is clean enough to be in around plant-filled areas, hard to live in away from any plants, and deadly in clans without waste facilities, plants, and 'green' energy.

1/5/2009 #1 Report
A Calvin Scripitt


Name: Gregory Ford

Age: 18 (Born after the war)

Birthdate: June, 27, 2117


Eyes: Dark Brown rims aroung the iris that are not perfectly strait and have some edges almost like ripped paper, with a lighter brown inside, and different shades of brown bordering the pupil.

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Ethnicity: White (Tanner than most). Ansestors from Europe.

Face: Very clear, and not many blemishes. Eyebrows thick, ears slightly lopsided.


Clan/Tribe: UNA Clan

Who with: Little sister, Parents, and two surviving Grandparents

Home: His families home is a small four-bedroom apartment with a livingroom, kitchen, and one bathroom. It is placed under what used to be the Chicago Lakeside area. His house just borders the lake, so no houses can be farther back than them or the entire underground city would collapse.

Surrounding areas near his home: A small diner, a trolley station, and a family clinic within walking distance.


Relationship?: A girlfriend nammed Laylee Quagmire. Just beginning relationship started only months ago.

Job: Training to be an Author to keep culture alive. Years left in school: 1.5

Clan Status: In possible workforce, currently common man, soon to be called: "Culture Reviver" because of his future job. He will be very important in Clan Rank once he gets his job.


Money: Each family gets a certian ammount due to job, clan rank, and ammount of family members. Gregs Family gets $500/month which is VERY good because houses and utilities cost nothing, and food is free given out to families once a week. The only expences are medical bills, resturaunt bills, furnature bills, and other items bills (like early century movies and books, and ect.)

Fire Arms: None needed, none attained.

History: Gregory Ford and his family lived in a bunk house until Greg was two, and left with news of the UNA Clanfrom a passing postman. They left Champain, IL on August 5, 2119. Since most cars were destroyed in the bombings, they traveled on foot until they could reach a person who sold horses. In three weeks, the family got to a horse salesman. They were dehidrated and starving. He took them in for a few days, and by August 30, they were at the gates of the clan. It took them another week to get their card to enter the city, and yet another to get a small tow-bedroom house. A few months later, October 3, 2119, his mother was pregnant with his sister Gwendolynn Ann Ford. In a month, his family was re-located to a slightly larger house with three bedrooms to accomidate the baby. Gwen was born June 26, 2120. Exactly three years and one day after Greg. When Greg was eight, his grandparents (on his mothers side) moved in with them in the house they are in now. Greg had never met his grandparents, but by age twelve, they were his life. His grandmother was his favorite person in the world until Febuary 8, 2135 when he met Laylee. He wanted to be a writer ever since he was ten because of the stories his grandfather told him. Now he is an average teen that just finished high school. He goes outside of the gates regularily for inspiration in his writing, and over the years, he has seen a signifacant change in the wildlife surrounding the clan. There are now trees and birds and squirrels.

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William McKinney

Do characters need to be part of a clan? just a question.

4/2/2009 #3 Report
A Calvin Scripitt

They dont need to be, but it would be easyer (And sorry for the late reply)

4/3/2009 #4 Report
M Irish toaster

hey this still going?

8/17/2009 #5 Report
A Calvin Scripitt

Yes it is (Though it has been a long time since ive been on) Sorry about not being on...

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M Irish toaster

No prob. seems like a good forum. I could probably get people to join if needs be

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A Calvin Scripitt


9/29/2009 #8 Report
M Irish toaster

Oh yeah I'll make a char soon if this is still going?

5/6/2010 #9 Report
A Calvin Scripitt

Actually I dont think its still going...ill make you admin and you go crazy ok?

5/9/2010 #10 Report
A Calvin Scripitt

this is the code for you to be admin. Go crazy :) d5460 (Oh and only you can use this password just so you know)

5/9/2010 #11 Report
M Irish toaster

Sure why not and thanks :)

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