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Character Creation
A BenYearwood

Character Creation Profile (Hobby(s) and Hometown are optional - they are just so that we can get to know your character better)


Physical Description:






Additional Information (if any):

11/1/2010 #1 Report
A BenYearwood

Name: Justin Case

Physical Description: Tall and muscular; he has green eyes and ginger hair, wears specially made gauntlets that have six inch retractable metal claws.

Superpower(s): Enhanced strength, speed, agility, durabilty and stamina, he was part of a super soldier program.

Weakness(s): He is terrified of water.

Personality: Keeps his friends close and his enemies closer; he is slightly paranoid and psychotic.

Hobby(s): Free running, parkour, martial arts.

Hometown: London

Additional Information (if any): He has never had a girlfriend in his life.

11/1/2010 #2 Report

Name: Tara Moore

Physical Description: Tara has shifted so much that she forgot who she really looked like. At this point in time she has long alburn hair that is to the middle of her back and gray eyes. Her body is average in height, weight, and muscle tone. She has strong legs and biseps from running as a human and other creatures. Tara's skin tone is a light tan. In the winter her skin becomes paler. She has long legs and an average bust. Wide hips and long fingers. Her facial features are sharp with a rounded face structure.

Superpower(s): Shapeshifter (human and non human forms)

Weakness(s): Tara cannot stand a living being crying. She goes insane when she cries.

Personality: Tara is socluded from socioty because she has no identification or sense of purpose. When alone she's very a calm, caring person who lives her life free from normal problems. When incontered she tries her hardest to push people away for her own physical and mental safety. She really likes to create things with her hands, and roam around the country side as an animal. Halloween is her favorite time of the year, because she can shift into anything she wants. Tara hates thinking about what her past was or is. She tries to live in the now, in stead of the 'what if?'

Hobby(s): Carving and sculpting with wood od any soft metieral she can find.

Hometown: unknown

Additional Information (if any): Tara cannot remember who she is, what her past was or anyone she has met prior. She's been trying her hardest not to shift into humans because of her memory lose.

(dont die on me. I've been looking for a place that has a good rp forum)

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #3 Report
Shadow of the dark

Name: Shadow Crash

Physical Description: Dark Hair, dark skin and dark eyes

Superpower(s): Controller of darkness

Weakness(s): Light

Personality: Serious and no time for jokes

Hobby(s): None

Hometown: Unknown

11/6/2010 #4 Report


Physical Description: Tall and dark-featured. He has Forest green eyes and a crooked smile.

Superpower(s): Were-wolf

Weakness(s): Gullable (If thats how you spell it.)

Personality: Shy, More like weary, unsure wether he can trust people. Afraid that ehmight turn at the wrong time in the wrong place.


Hometown: Boston

Additional Information (if any):

11/7/2010 #5 Report
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