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Safe Haven
A BenYearwood

This is a place where superhumans can be safe from the outside world and meet other superhumans.

11/3/2010 #1 Report
A BenYearwood

You enter a large warehouse made of rusty corrugated iron. Holes that have been decayed through the wall let narrow shafts of light into the dim concrete floored building. Before you can do a thing the door slams shut behind you.

"Come, my child," a deep male voice rings out. "Do not be frightened, you are safe here."

"Who are you?" you yell in the direction of the voice.

"I am called Father," the voice said.

Lights suddenly turn on, blinding you temporarily, but the lights are directed to a single spot on the floor. You ignore all the instincts telling you not to go near the circle of light and you walk over to it. Standing in the circle of light you suddenly find yourself transported into a comfortably bright room where there are several other people talking happily. A bald man in long flowing brown robes walks over to you.

"Welcome, my child," he says. "I am Father. Your are safe now."

11/3/2010 #2 Report
A BenYearwood

You are breathtaken by the sofisticated operation that lies before you. There are almost fifty different people of different ages, races and genders. Some are chatting in groups, others are lounging in sofas, more are at a nearby drinks bar and in a small corner of the room are small computer terminals where only one dorky looking boy is sitting, typing loudly on a keyboard at a rapid pace.

"What is this place?" you ask Father.

"It is called the Safe Haven, child," Father replies. "It is where superhumans like yourself can escape from the pressures of the outside world of humans and find peace and friendship among other superhumans."

11/3/2010 #3 Report

Tara's grey eyes narrow at the elderly man. The muscles in her body tensed as she looked around the unknown room. Change for living beings is an environment showing physical harm, unless they accept it. She could feel people's eyes on her, unsure why she isn't thanking the older man for his hospitality. To Tara this sanctuary was a threat to her survival. There were no windows, no doors, no air vents. No escape.

Clenching her fists tightly to her jeans Tara slows her speeding heart from bursting out of her chest. Looking the man in the eye her pupils gradually shrink in size. Biting the inside of her mouth she waits until she could form a sentence without yelling at his poor beings. She was flabbergasted that he would be so kind to her in taking her under his wing, that doesn't mean she asked for it.

"Take me back to where I came from," she demanded her voice rigged and coarse. Anyone who was listening could feel the venom rolling out of her mouth.

The people in the room could feel the energy shift. It wasn't normal for someone to decline such a luxury when they entered. Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, aren't they?

11/6/2010 #4 Report
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