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Rules and History of Metronopolopolis
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

So... What is it about Metronopolopolis that feels different, yet... spectacular? Well, prehaps it's something to do with the fact that there are superpowered people roaming the city. Yes, you read correctly. Superpowered people, both good or evil. I'd be careful trying to make out which is which though. They could surprise you as to which are good and which are bad. That's right. Most of the population are like you or me. Normal, powerless, boring... BUT! There are those two gangs which we forget about. Who may they be? Why, there's that one that's looking out for this city and saving the day. The Superheros and Sidekicks that are always saving the day! But, then there's that devious, despicable side that is made up of Supervillains and minions, always causing chaos and plotting to rule the world, starting with Metronopolopolis. I know what you're thinking. Yes, of course they brawl, and obviously, most of the town is destroyed through doing it, but... that's what makes it all the more interesting.

So, whether you be Villain or hero, minion or sidekick, damsel in distress or regular citizen... You should decide...

Who's side are you on?


1) No Godmodding

2) No controlling other characters without their permission.

3) Make sure your charrie(s) are Aweshome!!! :D

4) Only make as many characters as you can control.

5) No swearing... that's not using icons such as @ *$ etc.

6) Anything above M rated, get out!

7) No killing off other users characters

8) Don't RP unless characters are accepted.

9) No disobeying MOD's. We rock, okay? ^.^

10) Anyone who doesn't worship these rules will get three strikes. 1st strike, warning. (Yes, we are nice :P) 2nd strike, lose a character. 3rd strike, and your out of the RP. Sound fair?


Top-side Secret Hideout = Superheros and Sidekicks

Bototm-side Secret Hideout = Supervillains and minions

Metronopolopolis city - shops parks and galore! = town, normal everyday life, jobs, school, etc.

And then there's everyones homes and apartments :D They'll be basically places to invite other people back to (;D) and to sleep at, if you don't spend the whole night out (;D) ((I gotta stop doing that face xD))

Right well, that is all, Tata! Peace out! Toodles!

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