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Hailo's Angel

Real Name: Alicia Faith Daniels

Public name (If one) :

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) : to-be damsel in distress/ person who is developing superpowers

Good or Evil?: Good

Personality: Fun, hyper, outgoing, friendly, kind, thoughtful, loyal, respectful to whom she deems needs respect

Power (If one, Limit of two) : None (yet)

Secret Identity:

Costume (if one) :

History: She was born to Helen Kaiser and was raised by her single mother until she was six, when her mother died of b*** cancer. Then, her father, Leo Daniels, whom she had never met before nor even known who he was, took her in. She's been with him ever since.

Other: Her mother was a super, her dad is a super, and she's going to be a super; Though, no one knows that yet. She loves dancing, especially ballet, loves the colors pink and purple, and has a pure white kitten called Snow.

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Cori Craves Chocolate

Accepted 8D one thing, if she has superpowers how can she be a damsel in distress?

7/25/2011 #32 Report
Hailo's Angel

She doesn't have any yet. And, the villains find out she's Daredevil's daughter, captures her, and set up a trap. Thus, she's a damsel in deistress. :D

7/25/2011 #33 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

Sweet :D Who's the mom?

7/25/2011 #34 Report
Hailo's Angel

She was Tiffany Kaiser, who was a retired superheroine from New York. There's a picture of Alicia in her info.

7/25/2011 . Edited 7/25/2011 #35 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

So.... Double kidnapping??? Lol, are Alicia and Saisha getting kidnapped now? Or wut? :P

7/29/2011 #36 Report
Hailo's Angel

Um, I think only Alicia is...

7/31/2011 #37 Report

Real Name: Christina "Cris" Sophie Lowell

Public name (If one) : None. Unless I happen to think of one. o.o

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) : Undecided superpowered person

Good or Evil?: She doesn't know yet.

Personality: She is daring, sarcastic, and rebellious. Opinionated, she's not afraid to tell someone off or tell them what she thinks of them. She's good at comebacks and doesn't really follow the rules. A risk-taker, she doesn't back down from a dare. She's not a mean girl, just blunt. She'll be nice to you if you're nice to her. She's good at lying, manipulating, and bargaining. Tends to hold grudges and doesn't trust easily.

Power (If one, Limit of two) : Geokinesis and teleportation

Secret Identity: She's a student at the high school.

Costume (if one) : N/A

History: She lives with her mom, Allison, and stepfather, Stephen. She found out about her powers when she was 8, when she found out she could levitate rocks. When she was older, she found out about teleportation. She's been keeping it low and trying to be as "normal" as possible while still practicing her powers. She's trying to avoid becoming a superhero or a villain and normally doesn't call unwanted attention to herself from people with powers. In school, she's rather sharp-tongued and not a favorite of the teachers because of her remarks and overall rebellious-ness. Not very popular with the students either, but she has her friends. And enemies.

Other: She knows French. And she's good at snowboarding and skateboarding, so her main source of transportation is usually her skateboard.

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A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Acceptamondo :D you can start her off in the metronopolopolis city one :3

8/20/2011 #39 Report

Thanks! :D

8/20/2011 #40 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

Real Name: Clive Tarin

Public name (If one) : The Mask (ohh, love that movie ;D)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) : Hero

Good or Evil?: Good

Personality: humorous, goofy, fun, headstrong, lighthearted, confident

Power (If one, Limit of two) : Can become invisible and the things around him if he wishes.

Secret Identity: Short brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin, leather jacket, white t-shirt underneath, gray jeans with a black belt

Costume (if one) : Black hair with an intentional red streak going down his fringe, white eyes (maybe it's contacts, maybe it's not ;D), pale skin, a white mask that covers his entire face, white hooded cloak (EVERY SUPERHERO NEEDS A CAPE!!), a white shirt and white pants. (He's so white xD)

History: Clive has had a life of parties and events. Since he had discovered his superpowers, age 11, he had used them nonstop. His parents then freaked him out that he would not have those abilities someday, so he slowed down. He doesn't use them much until he absolutely has to. All of his friends know about his powers and have kept it secret. He doesn't have a lot of friends for fear that they would spill the beans. He is completely aware and anxious of everything, scared that someone would notice who he really is. He made fake Facebook friends so no one could trace them back to him, and has gotten rid of any evidence of where he's been as a super. He keeps to himself and is quite aggravated when people push him to tell them a secret or why he's so aware. But other than that, he's rebellious, adventurous, and loves to have a good time.

Other: He has this strange habit of fainting everytime someone says "Shh" or "hush" or anything along those lines...

8/29/2011 #41 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Acceptamondo :3

8/30/2011 #42 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

Where to?

9/1/2011 #43 Report

Real Name:Grey Maxwell

Public name (If one) :Shades of Gray



Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) :Super powered citizen

Good or Evil?: Neutral, in the begining

Personality:He is nice normally but has a dark side that builds anytime he is angry

Power (If one, Limit of two) :Mind reading and telepathy

Secret Identity: I know, I use that too much

Costume (if one):none in the beginning but eventually a black coat with a hood that completely covers his face and is covered in zippers and gray clothes underneath

History:He grew up like a normal kid and found out about his powers just recently

Other:He likes golf...

9/5/2011 #44 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Wow, you have a thing for golf don't you? xD acceptamondo! Go to the metronopolopolis city main or whatever I called it xD the one that isn't a hideout :)

9/6/2011 #45 Report

Yes, yes I do... I almost broke my arm with a golf club!

9/6/2011 #46 Report

Real Name: Ve'ne Matthews

Public name: Veneficious

Gender: Female

Age: looks 35

Position: Super Villainess

Good or Evil?: Evil

Personality: Despite her allignment, Ve'ne is quite sweet and friendly. She has a soft spot for children and will protect them as well as Play with them if given the chance. However if you are her enemy, she will take great pleasure in making you suffer

Powers: Mastery of all known forms of Magics

Secret Identity: A school teacher quallified to teach at any level, even special needs. She wears a simple pink and purple dress with long sleeves and a ankle long skirt, dress shoes and a matching hat.

Costume: Again Her Attire would seem better suited to someone who's a hero Magic Golden armor engraved with mystic symbals, she has a long cape with hood that covers a helmet.

History: Ve'ne's past is known only to her and the few others she confides in. While she has chossen the path of villiany, she conducts herself with a moral character that would seem more befitting of a hero.


9/7/2011 . Edited by The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life, 9/7/2011 #47 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

The only thing I'll say is that there is no magic involved in this forum... You may wish to change her superpower.

9/7/2011 #48 Report

But why not, magic is a super power.

9/7/2011 #49 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Because no other characters use magic. It'd be pointless for a character to recognise all types of magic when there is none.

9/7/2011 #50 Report

well can't she be the first?

9/7/2011 #51 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Hang on... I think I read it wrong xD I thought you meant she had knowledge of all magic, Sorry! Um, acceptamondo, as long as she's not totally indestructable, and there are ways that people can escape her if she has a fight against another person. I mean, I want all the characters to be pretty level power wise. Otherwise, go ahead to the metronopolopolis city where the other villains are. We can make out she was on vacatioin and just returning to find them all in weird diguises.

Um, so what's happened so far: The superhero's seem to be made up of mainly 3 heros. The leader- Angel of integrity (olivia) Daredevil (Leo) and Storm (Enna) The Villains are made up of 3 -now 4- villains. Leader - Penn (Ty, but no one dares calls her that), Shadow man (Shadow for short) And Ice Queen (Ice for short) The villains have stolen Leo's daughter -Alicia- and changed her to believe Leo doesn't love her anymore, due to the fact that he never seems to spend time with her. She is now a junior villain in the making, and want Leo since his powers could be useful to them. The hero's are trying to figure this out, but have had help with a few citizens who are little envolved, and prehaps have super powers themselves. They are the undecided supers, who don't have a side, and keep their powers to themselves. Um, what else... The villains have made a plan to trap Leo, using Alicia, and little extra info, Shadow and Penn seem to have something going on *wink wink* Um, right now, they're going to irritate Leo, so that they can get him to confess into a recorder that he hates something, resounding it to make it sound like he's saying he hates Alicia, and then I think the main thing is going underway.

So yeah, that's all you need to know right now. Enter how you wish in the Metronopolopolis city center :)

9/7/2011 #52 Report

Real Name: Dr. Nathan Mathews Public name: Doctor Professer Gender: Male Age: 35 Position: Villain Good or Evil: Evil Personality: can be your typical super villian, but he also has a father side to him. cunning, often anticipates enemy tactics. He fears death and thus wants to "Cure" It. Power: Technopath, Cybernetic enhancements Secret Identity: Reclusive "Visionary" 5'10, 185 male caucasion cyborg. Costume: High tech battle armor wired into his nervious systom for maximum operational speed History: Plauged by the death of his whole Family. Dr. Nathan mathews sought to cure death, by bringing them back as they were in life, only better. Thus the Zom-borgs were born. Combined with his wife's magic powers and his science, the Zom-borgs are immposible to ID from normal humans because they're the reanimated dead. He turned to villiany after he was shuned for his achievement. Other: He and Veneficus have been happily married for 15 wonderful years.

9/7/2011 #53 Report

Real Name: Starr Peters

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Position: Hero

Good or Evil?: Good

Personality: Strong and silent, a loner, brave, fast, has a good sense of humor

Power: The ability to create sonic booms

Secret Identity: Blue Raider

Costume (if one): (But the pants are less poofy and cling to her legs. And there are no...cat things attatched to her boots. Oh, and no pack, as well.)

History: Starr grew up in the ghetto part of a city and had a pretty harsh childhood. Her parents were extremely poor and hardly had enough money to put food on the table. Crime constantly occured in her part of the city, and when she was ten, Starr was kidnapped by a secret facility and her DNA was altered. Although the scientists were hoping to create the ultimate superpowered child, she was only given the power to create sonic booms. Disgusted with their failure, they threw young Starr out onto the streets where she wandered and fought for her life. At night, she trained her new powers and tried to become as strong as she could. Evantually, she discovered the existance of superheros, and decided that she would be one, too. Starr became a ninja called the "Blue Raider." When fighting, she would never speak. Just strike and save. That is her very method to this day.

Other: She is your typical "ninja" hero. She is agile, is great in hand-to-hand combat, and carries ninja fans, a sword, and ninja stars

9/15/2011 #54 Report

Real Name: Amber Wright

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Position: Villan

Good or Evil?: Evil

Personality: A good actress, sly, mean, seemingly nice, flirty

Power: Shape-shifting and voice mimicking

Secret Identity: Black Light

Costume: (This is her main villan form, minus the 2s)

History: Amber was born with the power to shape-shift, and instantly used it for evil. She pranked people and blamed it on others; she was in the other person's form. After a while, she realized that all she really wanted to do was cause trouble and misery, and thus joined the villans.

Other: Amber's commonly-used stratgey is to shape-shift into a good guy or a civilian (or a damsel in distress) to get on the good side of the heroes. Then she destroyes them from within.

9/15/2011 #55 Report
Jackie the Giant

Real name: Jeneen Mayberry.

Public name: The Creature of Freshstone Park

Gender: female.

Age: 16.

Position: undecided superpowered person.

Good or Evil: Good.

Personality: Jeneen is actually a nice girl who prefers to follow the rules and not get into fights or trouble. However, after her tranformation, she became skittish and nervous, trying to avoid people for fear that they will be scared of her. If she does find someone who isn't scared of her, she'll stick to them like glue (she's a bit clingy when she's scared). If her friends are in trouble, she will go on a suicide run if that's what it takes to save them.

Power: She is now much stronger than a weight-lifter; her jaws can bite through almost anything and her claws can tear through anything. Her skin tougher than human skin, so that she is harder to kill, and her wings allow her to glide.

Costume: She doesn't need a costume, because she couldn't cover up her appearance.

History: She lived a normal life until her sixteenth year, wherein she found a pendent that burned her skin and tranformed her into a seven-foot-tall, gargoyle-esque creature with leathery skin and enormous, bat-like wings. Her family didn't recognize her, and chased her out of the house. Scared of people now, she stays hidden away in the park, though the glimpses people have gotten of her have started up stories of "the Creature of Bridgewater Park".

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Real Name: Joey Gyrun

Public name (If one) : Portal

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) : Undecided superpowered person

Good or Evil?: Has a mean streak but is not completely evil.

Personality: Joey is a very sarcastic person and at some times he can be somewhat sadistic. He loves to hold his power above everyone else. If someone is in need of help he will refuse to help them unless they ask him and even then they must agree to give him something in return. He uses his powers as a way to get himself anything he wants. He believes that his powers make him a god over all those who have no superhuman powers.

Power (If one, Limit of two) : He can generate portals to anywhere in the world as long as he has visual reference to where he is going.

Costume (if one) : He feels he should not have to conceal his face or where a costume and that everyone should know who he is.

History: Joey was born and then immediately abandoned. He spent most of his preteen life as a loner. One day he was walking home from school back to his foster home when he was surrounded by a gang of older teenage boys. Joey tried to escape but found that the older boys were much quicker and stronger than he. As they were about to attack him Joey opened a portal that swallowed the teens and dropped them off a skyscraper two miles away. It was then that Joey discovered his powers and has ever since used them to better himself and the few people in his life that he loves.

Other: The overuse of his powers makes him very weak and takes a physical strain upon him. He has to eat high energy foods constantly to keep his strength up after a teleportation.

10/16/2011 #57 Report

Real Name: Adam Smith

Public name (If one) : The Black

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (around 30-ish)

Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) : villian

Good or Evil?: Evil but with some form of humanity and mercy

Personality: Mysterious, doesn't want to know people on a personal level, its just business to him, reclusive, easily angered

Power (If one, Limit of two) : He is always followed by a levitating glass orb full of black mist (hence the name, The Dark) that contains his life essence and the source of his power: magic! (the mist is also the souls of the dead)

Secret Identity: Lives alone in his apartment without a job

Costume (if one) : A brown tailcoat with a white shirt undernath and denim jeans with trainers. Face is not covered, he doesn't care about keeping his identity secret

History: Grew up in an orphanage in England. Migrated to wherever Metronomoloplis (is that the right spelling?) is after being driven out of the country

Other: Moo

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Agent 22

I will attempt to do this to the best of my ability. I apologize if it's poo, just tell me what to fix and I'll fix it.

Real Name: Dawn Tyler

Public name (If one) : The Trooper

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Position (Hero/ villain/ sidekick/ minion/ to-be damsel in distress/ citizen/ undecided superpowered person) : sidekick

Good or Evil?: Good

Personality: She can be very stubborn and hardheaded at times. However she has faith that there's good inside every person, even if their actions are bad. She's willing to see the good in others, even when they might not see it. She doesn't like to be coddled over, esp. when she's injured or ill. She's empathic even to people she's never met. She's a bit of a thrill seeker, seeking natural thrills wherever she goes (she doesn't do drugs or alcohol). She has extremely bad HAS (High Achievement Syndrom) and OCD when she's stressed. She fights for those who can't fight for themselves. She's also very picky on the kind of people she will date and the kind of friends she will have. She tends to think rationally, and on her feet in a dire situation. She thinks long before doing something.

Power (If one, Limit of two) : None, but is adept at hand-to-hand combat, various firearms, various blades, and many other weapons. She has also learned how to heal wounds, thanks to her mother

Secret Identity: Dawn Tyler

Costume (if one) : A dark green camouflage jumpsuit. Wears a grey utility belt around her waist, which holds her weapons and other materials. Sometimes wears a hood, which allows her to turn invisible when she puts it on. She also wears black gloves that don't have finger holes. On her feet she has long, black combat boots.

History: Her father served in the Army until she was born while her mother serves as a nurse. Her father was fairly strict while her mother wasn't. Being the oldest, she has to live up to her father's expectations. For the most part Dawn and her father got along. Dawn was always sticking up for people who were being bullied and still does. She herself was bullied during school. It took her a long time but eventually she took down the bully.

One day one of her siblings was brutally beaten by an older kid and hospitalized. Dawn turned into The Trooper and did some investigating. Eventually she found out that the kid was abused and got him the help he needed. Since then she dons the costume of The Trooper, helping not only bullied kids but people as well.

Other: Dawn has apricot colored skin with long, bone-straight ebony hair and piercing green eyes. She's well-muscled from head to toe and is 5'5". She has a small upper lip and a large lower lip, which are both a light pink.

6/21/2013 #59 Report

General Franklin James McKay

(Jamie) or (General)

Position : Undecided

Side : Undecided - Plays for his own agenda

Age: Depends

Born ? December 1907 - Died January 1st 1989

(Probably will have aged backwards in the process)

Gender: Male

Class : Alpha

Personality: Jamie is outwardly charismatic, a "true gentleman" to anyone and everyone he meets. Truthfully, he's very happy and smiley, with only hints of being hurt by the war. He's very opinionated and outspoken, but can command total attention through rarely seen anger. He can be sharp but bold, and cannot pass up an opportunity to help a 'chap' out of a 'pickle'. He was strong at one time, but now only has the courage to do what is right. Under the facade of character lies a deeper need to be courageous and daring, perhaps to appease a higher power or a lost friend.

Clothing: Jamie can be seen wearing a loose, long sleeved white tunic with a blue and green sash around the waist, leading into his green allied military uniform. Over this, he'll wear a long, sleeved dark brown bomber jacket if it's cold. On his head, he wears a signature General's cap. He has long black gloves that disappear under his sleeves.

Description of Appearance: Young Jamie is tall, smiling down at 6'1". He's around 250 lbs, but that is purely muscle weight. He's very well-built, with large muscles. His almond-shaped eyes are dark brown, and his dark brown hair is short, cut in a military style.

Middle age Jamie has lost some weight of muscle, and has grown an English mustache in order to support the war. He'd be this age when he went to the lines, devising strategies and such. Jamie has a General's ranking now. He works for NEMO (government stuff.)

Old Jamie is just as impressive as young, with a full blown white beard and hair, he looks like Captain Nemo himself. He is the leader of NEMO and will be so until he dies. He's continued to lose muscle weight, retaining what he can from his younger years, his prominent features still cutting a dashing image.

Backstory : Jamie fought in the Great War, and was biochemically frozen when he died for such an operation. He isn't totally dead, he has remained in a homeostasis environment for 40 years.

1-18: Jamie is of the Campbell Clan, but moved to London's Countryside very early in his youth. He went to private schooling, earning his way up through the ranks of his 'football' team. He helped in the rebuilding of some straggling buildings when he was younger, before completing school early and going to join the Army.

18-41: Jamie earns his way up through the ranks, becoming a General at age 41. He has no children, unfortunately his wife Mags has severe scoliosis and such an operation could kill her. Mags works as a zoologist, often waiting long periods of time for Jamie to return home.

41-End: Jamie retires from the army a year before his death in order to sort out the affairs regarding NEMO, and attend to his cancer stricken wife.

Superpowers :

Astral Projection

Tier 3 Power - Mental Projection - Ability to project one's emotion/presence/psyche into the astral plane or to make them real.

Advantages : Includes natural genius level intellect, Telepathy, Empathy, Vague mind readings and vague predictions of the future, Memory Alteration and Erasure (on non infected), Illusion casting, and Eidetic Memory (photographic.) Also can speak any language fluently.

Disadvantages : Not always reliable. Extremely heavy exhaustion when using higher level mind manipulation for very little result. Made as an army tactician, not a fighter. Cannot reverse mistakes made on other humans.

No secret identity.

Costume : Three piece black suit and a long trench coat. Doesn't wear a mask.

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