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A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

So hiya! I'm Lele, or Lifey, and I'm a geek and love superhero movies :D I love to RP, write stories ((FF or FP)), play music, watch movies, etc. I'm in England ((Wey hey!)) and right now, I have an obsession with Cookies!!! :D:D:D:D:D and musicals.... not much of a relation, but ah well xD

So, who the hell are you? :P

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #1 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

*chatter chatter chatter*

7/24/2011 #2 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate


Sorry I disappeared off to who knows where D: what have I missed?

8/9/2011 #3 Report
Hailo's Angel

((Well, basically, they let Riley go and caught Daredevil's daughter, made her believe that she's going to star as a damsel in distress in a play and become famous, and now, Ice and Shadow are waiting for Penn to come up with the trap... Meanwhile, Daredevil wants to find his daughter and wanted to do it by himself, but Olivia stopped him and, together, they're trying to find anything bout any suipervillains... Oh, and Enna is taking Saisha to her apartment to meet her dogs and also baby-sitting her, I guess you could say...))

8/10/2011 #4 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

The trap for the superheroes?

8/11/2011 #5 Report
Hailo's Angel

Yep. :D

8/11/2011 #6 Report
Hailo's Angel

Hey, plees join my new rp! :D


8/12/2011 #7 Report

Hii, I'm thinking of joining this? XD

8/18/2011 #8 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Ah cool! What you thinking about making? Superhero, villain, damsel, an undecided super, or something else? x3

8/19/2011 #9 Report
Drop of Stars

Undecided super. XD She's keeping her powers a secret and trying to avoid both the superheroes and villains. :D And then I think a superhero.

What's a something else? XD

8/19/2011 #10 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Minion, sidekick, damsel in distress, normal everyday citizen :P So far, I have the superhero's side leader, a supervillain, and a kid that may or may not develop superpowers (I haven't decided yet xD)

8/19/2011 #11 Report
Drop of Stars

Nicee. XD

8/19/2011 #12 Report
Hailo's Angel

((Hey! I snuck onto my mom's computer and I don't have much time... My computer's broke and it won't be fixed til sometime next week. So, in the time til I can get back on, can someone play my charries for me? Please? Thanx! :D))

8/19/2011 #13 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

I forgot to mention earlier, this weekend, I'm going on holiday to somewhere with no internet access.Again...Can you just autopilot my charries while I'm gone?

8/25/2011 #14 Report
Hailo's Angel

Hey, ya'll! I'm going on vacation to North Carolina and I'm going today. I probably won't be on until September 6 and 7 before disappearing until Sunday September 11 or September 12. It all depends on when we leave NC to go back home. If you want, someone can play my characters until I get on, or you can just ignore my characters. It's all up to you. But, I'll try to be on today as much as possible, which won't be a lot because I still have a lot to do before I go. I think I told ya'll before, but since I'm npot sure, I want to make sure ya'll know.

9/2/2011 #15 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Chatter chatter chatter CHOCOLATE HOBNOBS! chatter chatter chatter...

hehe, there's this new ice cream brand over here called nobbly bobbly's, and I thought they were called nobby bobby's xD Sounds like an interesting flavour ;D hahahaha xD

9/7/2011 #16 Report

I feel like I haven't done anything... XD I only have one charrie, the lovely, or not so lovely cos of her attitude, Cris. XD And I don't know how to use her in the RP...

9/7/2011 #17 Report

I always wondered why heroes never have "minions". I mean, they don't have to be called "minions," exactly. They just have to be a large, disposable workforce that's at least somewhat competent enough to get the most basic of tasks completed. It could be a army of mechs, a legion of demons or other supernatural creatures, or just a bunch of human volunteers that need some extra cash!

4/24/2013 #18 Report
Agent 22

Hello all! I'm Avenger22 (previously Legion22) and I don't go on this site much. However I do get on the sister site, Fanfiction.Net quite a bit. I love Superheroes and have been since I was really young. I'm taking driver's ed in a few weeks and I love chocolate!

6/20/2013 #19 Report

To anyone that may still be on this forum, (from what I can tell, it's dead)I have created a forum like this, kinda a sandbox. The basics are down but I need more people to join to get it really going.


7/6/2016 #20 Report
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