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Metronopolopolis City - shops, parks and galore!
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

This here is Metronopolopolis city, where the grass is green, and the birds are chirping. The shopping is amazing! And the many little cafes give you such a variation, you won't know what to pick. But careful. The person you meet, could just happen to be someone you didn't expect. Prehaps someone who secretly is planning to take over this glorious city...

There's your warning, now go shop or relax in the park! :D

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A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia hung up her apron on a hook back behind the counter of Japeto's, her shift finally being over. She smiled, grabbing her bags, and then nodding to her manager. "See you tommorow!" She called happily, walking out of the door and making sure her brunette wig was still on properly. She ran into the toilets of a little cafe nearby, and changed into her normal, non-working clothes and then strolled away, walking towards the park to have an hour of relaxation in the warm summers afternoon.

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Hailo's Angel

The girl slowly stood up from her desk and stretched as she called out a casual good-bye to her co-workers. She grabbed her stuff and hightailed it out of there, hating how working in the office made her feel like she was in a cage or something. She shivered as she reached her apartment and opened the door to a welcoming of barks. Five minutes later, she and her two dogs, a maltipoo and German Shepherd, walked to the park.

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A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

((Should they know each other beforehand?))

Olivia smiled, tilting her head back as she sat on a bench and then looked across a small pond, watching a mother swan and her ducklings floating along gently.

7/22/2011 #4 Report
Hailo's Angel

((Hm, up to you... I don't care. :D))

The girl walked along the edge of the lake with her two dogs, not noticing the swan and ducklings until she felt both dogs yank the leashes, hard. She just had time to keep a good grip on them before they jumped into the pond, towing her right behind them.

7/22/2011 #5 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

((hmm... maybe they know each other as superheros but don't know each others secret identity?))

Olivia looked up towards the edge of the pond and began to giggle at the sight of the dogs dragging in the girl. She got to her feet and walked over to where she was closest to the bank. "Need a hand?" she asked, holding her hand out. 7/23/2011 . Edited 7/23/2011 #6 Report
Hailo's Angel

((That's great! :D Let's do that...))

The girl looked up at Olivia and as her attention was turned from the two dogs, they made their move. They took off, yanking their leashes from her hand and rushed toward freedom. The girl took the offered hand and stood up, groaning when she couldn't see her two dogs. "Great, just great." She muttered before she turned to Olivia. "Thanks for the help... um, what's your name?"

7/23/2011 #7 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"Olivia, and yourself?" she asked, not exactly looking at the girl, but more at the two dogs that had swam away. She knew that she couldve caught up with them with her dynamic super speed. But not in her secret identity. She cursed in her head, but continued to smile at the girl.

7/23/2011 #8 Report
Hailo's Angel

The girl smiled and said, "Enna. Nice to meet you, Olivia." She studied Olivia for a moment, feeling as if the girl was... familiar. Yet, she was sure she had never met Olivia before.

7/23/2011 #9 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"Nice to meet you Enna. Um... You're a little wet..." she said with a giggle, looking to the dogs. "I'm good with dogs.., why don't you go get a change of clothes?I'll get your dogs and..." Olivia looked around, looking to a far bench. "Meet you at that bench." she said with a friendly smile.

7/23/2011 #10 Report
Hailo's Angel

Enna hesitated a moment before smiling and said, "Thank you so much. Oh, Rex is the big one, Angel is the smaller one." She smiled her thanks again before pivoting and dashing away toward her apartment. Once she got there, she quickly changed into a clean t-shirt and jeans and a pair of dry tennies before going back to the park.

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A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia smilled to Enna, until she left, and then she looked around. The park in this area was mildly empty. The only people there was the old people, and the young children, and who would believe them if a girl suddenly run across the water?

She pulled an arm back, and then at full speed pelted across the water, catching up with the dogs in no time and then grabbing the leashes. She made her hand harden around the straps, She then picked up the two dogs, and made them hollow, dashing back to where she told Enna to meet her and restoring both them and herself to their normal state. She sat down, and looked down to the two dogs. "Now, wasn't that a lot of hassle for nothing..." She said, scratching them each behind the ears and smiling down to them.

7/24/2011 #12 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

A lady in her mid-30s was wandering around the park.

"Riley? Riley?" she asked, looking around.

7/24/2011 #13 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia flicked her head up from the two dopey and soaking wet dogs, and got to her feet. She tied the leashes around the bench, and then walked over to the lady. "Um, excuse me? Are you okay?" She asked, going up to her and tilting her head.

7/24/2011 #14 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

The mother shook her head and sat down on the ground.

"I give up!" she said, flinging her arms into the air.

7/24/2011 #15 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia's eyes widened, and she knelt down next to her. "Okay, calm down, what's happened?" She asked slowly and calmly.

7/24/2011 #16 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

Tears sunk into the dirt.

"My..my boy!" she cried. "He's gone!"

7/24/2011 #17 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia's eyebrows raised, and then she rested a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Um... I'm..." She was a bit clueless as to how to comfort about a missing boy, and so screwed the comforting.

"I'm so sorry. Listen, um, miss. I'm sure Riley is fine right now. Go report it to the police, and then they can help you deal with it." By now, Olivia was getting out her pager and sending a code number, "1239" To all the people on the team. That code meant that they needed to meet, and discuss something.

7/24/2011 #18 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

The woman looked at Olivia with tear-filled eyes.

"How do you know his name is Riley?"

7/24/2011 #19 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"You were calling out the name Riley." She said, smiling slightly back to the woman. That smile slid off as she saw how teary she was. "Need help getting to the police station?" She asked, shoving her pager back into her pocket.

7/24/2011 #20 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

The woman stood up. She wiped her eyes and started to walk to the police station.

7/24/2011 #21 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"...Apparantly not..." She said to herself, sighing and running down an alley to somewhere hidden where she changed into her outfit, slung off her wig and slammed it into her bag. She then speedily ran down the roads like a blurr, all the while texting a message to her daughter Saiysha on her mobile. "Home L8 sweetie. Eat the pizza in the fridge. Will B Home to say Night. Love you xxxx" She texted, before sending and arriving outside the hideout.

7/24/2011 #22 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

"Yes--YES--Ugh, no!" The woman yelled. She was getting aggravated at the police.

7/24/2011 #23 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

Penn sauntered to the park quickly and beckoned for Shadow to follow.

7/24/2011 #24 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Shadow strolled behind Penn, a casual smile hung upon his lips as he looked around. Everything looked particularly normal.

Olivia by now had made her way back into the park and in her secret identity too. She felt a bit p!ssed off. She wanted to get down to it. She didn't have time for this.

7/24/2011 #25 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

Penn looked around for any sign of her. She set the pager down and ran like the wind to hide in the underbrush.

7/24/2011 #26 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Shadow cringed, watching everyone look round to Penn as it was abnormal for somone to just lay down a pager and run. "Sorry Guys... Forgot her medication." He said with a smile, following after her.

Olivia was still looking around for any sign of the person she was meant to meet. ((I don't know who she was meant to meet xD))

Being fed up of being indoors, Saisha had left the apartment and went looking for Olivia. "Mommy?" She called out, looking around. She hadn't gotten the message, and as far as she knew, she was out in the park. Saisha was looking around, and then looked down, seeing the pager. She raised an eyebrow and picked it up. "Huh..." She said, pressing a button and then giggling.

7/24/2011 #27 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

(someone who looks like Penn xD)

Penn cursed and ran to Saisha. She noticed Olivia in the distance.

"Oh, you must be mistaken, kiddo, that's mine." she said softly.

7/24/2011 #28 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Saisha smiled. "Oh! Sorrwee lady! I just fownd it..." Saisha said, holding it up to her.

Olivia looked round to where she heard the familiar voice. "Saisha? I told you to stay at home..." Olivia said, walking over and taking her hand. "I'm sorry. She must be... um..." Olivia trailed off, seeing the pager in the girls hand. That's not right... This girl is no one I recognise... Olivia realised she had gone silent, and then shook her head, smiling again. "She just got out again. Sorry if she did anything wrong." She said, now picking up Saisha and smiling to the girl.

7/24/2011 #29 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

"No, she didn't. It's alright..." Penn said, looking at Olivia up and down. Was she the girl? She was looking at the pager strangely. Penn looked to Shadow for guidance.

7/24/2011 #30 Report
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