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Cori Craves Chocolate

(Okay, I REAAALLY suck at planning and such, so if I do something wrong, lemme know and I'll change it xD)

"I don't remember much, but..." Penn said, turning all around and 'suddenly' noticing a nerdy college kid.

"Hey, that guy was around when it happened! Maybe he's a witness or whatever you lawyer people call it...."

9/26/2011 #271 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

((Wait, are they taking him back to their hideout? Because I could really easily make Shadow suck him up in a ... well, Shadow.))

9/26/2011 #272 Report
Cori Craves Chocolate

(Probably not yet, maybe Shadow does his interview/survey?)

9/26/2011 #273 Report
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