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Top-side Secret hideout! -Superheros and sidekicks only. Others only allowed if given permission
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Quick! Get in here! This is where you and your other superhero buddies are hiding! Keep low, and quickly discuss what you're gonna do next to protect the city!

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #1 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

The Angel of Integrity stopped outside a seemingly innocent field, where there were a few boulders, and some cows grazing some grass. She slammed her hand against a metallic panel and it scanned her fingerprints, before beeping and having a side of the boulder raise up, leading into an underground hideout. The Angel walked in and then looked around. No one else was there yet. So, she just sat down at the front of the desk, pressing a button and having a large screen raise up in the middle of the table. She began searching for any reports of other missing kids, or any reports on this 'Riley'.

7/24/2011 #2 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia stopped among a field where a fence just stopped, pressing her hand on the panel and then allowing it to scan her DNA for a moment, before the fence lifted up and lifted up some of the phoney grass she has layered down when building this place. She walked down to their underground hideout, and then sitting at a chair, swivelling a keyboard out and letting the big screen lower from the ceiling.

8/3/2011 #3 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo appeared at the fence a short while later and pressed his own hand against the panel, allowing it to scan his DNA for a moment before the fence lifted up and he walked itside. He walked over to where Olivia sat and stood, watching the screen ober her shoulder. "Well? Anything?"

8/3/2011 #4 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"Mm, not sure..." Olivia said dissappointedly. "I might have found something on two characters I'm acusing as being villains..." Olivia got up on the screen Alex and Selene walking across the park. "See, I met the boy earlier today, and he had one of my pagers. He was with a different girl, but I'm assuming they're all doing the same thing, but, anyway... Just watch..." the video flashed of the two just standing in the park, and then all of a sudden, a shadow irked to Alex's feet, not attaching to him, but seeming to follow him as he walked away. "...And this was taken at the time when Alicia dissapeared. If we're dealing with supers, this guy might be someone who does something with shadows. Maybe, just maybe they took her." Olivia looked up to Leo to see what he thought.

8/4/2011 #5 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo frowned as he thought for a moment before something clicked. "I've seen that girl somewhere before... I know I have. Yet, I can't really remember..." He trailed off and then said, "I think you're right about one thing; They are the ones who took Alicia. But, I highly doubt they don't have a hidde motive for taking her. They had it all so carefully planned, and it was like they knew who they were looking for and knew what Alicia looked like... I think they know that I'm her father... Or, Daredevil is..."

8/4/2011 #6 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"Someone must have a pretty good insight on these things then... The plan is probably a trap for you... I'm not entirely sure why they'd want to trap you... maybe they want to use you for something bigger..." Olivia said, scratching her chin before having realisation. "Oh shoot! They must know my secret identity now..." Olivia said, remembering the boy was talking to her about the pager. "We need to find out how much they know..." Olivia said, typing a few more things into the computer.

((Hey, you know what happened to penny?))

8/4/2011 #7 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo nodded and said, "Maybe one of us should go under-cover or something..."

((I have no idea... :( ))

8/5/2011 #8 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia began to nod, and then quickly spun round to him. "No. I'm sorry, I can't risk you being caught." She commanded with a demanding finger pointed towards him. "I know you're urgent, but that's the one thing we can't do."

((Lol, it'd be funny if I went on holiday, and she came back xD

8/5/2011 #9 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo frowned and sighed before sayign, "Fine... Well, could Storm do it.... maybe?:"

8/5/2011 #10 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"If she's up to it... If she's not, I'll go." she said with a determined idiom, looking through the final things in more detail. "They'll be looking out for superheros... So to find them, we need a distraction, one of us..." she looked up to Leo, knowing he shouldn't do it, but being daredevil, maybe he'd be good on the case... No, that's probably too risky... she thought, trying to think of something else.

8/15/2011 #11 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo frowned as he said, "Hmm, I think we should let Storm go undercover and I should be the distraction... Wait, maybe the both of us should cause the distraction... Like, we could go to them, let them see us and make them chase us before splitting up. Thus, getting them to split up...."

8/15/2011 #12 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia frowned, still not liking the sound of Leo being on view to the enemy when he was most vulnerable... but no less, nodding sternly, and glancing up to him. "If things get out of hand though, and you get hurt or worse... I am so killing you..." She said, pushing her hair back, and then pushing her chair out, standing up. "When should we do it? I mean, for all we know, they're planning a gigantic heist as we speak... Maybe some sort of trap involving Alicia..."

8/15/2011 #13 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo's eyes darkened as he thought of them setting a trap for him while using Alicia for bait, his hands f*** at his sides. "If there is one single mark on her body when we get her back... I'll kill them..." He froze when he realized what he had just said and shook his head before murmuring, "Sorry..."

8/15/2011 #14 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia grimaced, and then crossed her arms. "This is why I don't want you to be a part of this... You could get carried away and just go straight for Alicia, putting both you and her in danger." Olivia frowned. "Maybe I should just leave you here while me and Storm do the rescue..."

8/15/2011 #15 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo frowned and shook his head, his jaw clenched and his entire body stiff. "No, she's my daughter and I want, no, need, to help rescue her. I need to be there for her. She'll not recognize niether you or Storm, but she knows me by sight, sound, and smell..."

8/15/2011 #16 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

Olivia gazed into Leo's eyes for a moment, her eyes flickering ever so slightly, before she sighed, her arms uncrossing and flopping to her sides. "Okay... But, only because she is your daughter, and I know how I'd feel if my daughter was taken... I would want nothing but for her to be safe..." She lowered her eyes and then walked towards the door, her PDA out as she tried to track any suspicious movement in the area. "But... I just want you to stay safe... Promise me, you won't be stupid..." She demanded, looking back to him.

8/15/2011 #17 Report
Hailo's Angel

Leo nodded solemnly and said, "I promise I won't do anything stupid and listen to all of your directions and orders..."

8/15/2011 #18 Report
A The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life

"Good..." Olivia broke into a smile, and looked back at Leo. "Come on. I think we should go tell Storm a little about this..." She said, exiting the hideout and speeding back to Storm's apartment, waiting there for Leo. ((to the other Topic! *batmobille tune*))

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