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The score.
A Connor Bible

1. Trolls, spamming, and flaming are a surefire way of getting the forum finks (feds) like me on you, so you better not think about it. 2. Write in third person, past tense ONLY. Make sure that your writing is neat and legible. 3. You want a new face in here, put 'em in line in the character thread. 4. No explicit sex or violence. That said, while they can be here, keep them at least M-rated. Part of classic noir is that the worst stuff happened offscreen or offpage. 5. NO HAPPY ENDINGS. This is noir, after all. Make it a downer, though a bittersweet ending will suffice. 6. Don't play God with other people's characters. 7. No characters with a Super Weight level above two. 8. Anyone can go anywhere in town, as long as they stay true to it. 9. Please let the arc of the RPG make some sense. Like life, a lot of questions can be left unanswered in noir, as long as they don't severely affect the plot. 10. No stealing other people's work. Period. 11. Keep the tone of the story stable. THIS IS NOIR. 12. Have fun.

12/14/2011 . Edited 12/16/2011 #1 Report
Unpredictable Convictions

So what exactly is the plot of the story?

12/15/2011 #2 Report
A Connor Bible

It's a crime thriller RPG.

12/16/2011 #3 Report
Unpredictable Convictions

Ah. Did you actually mean to send me the mod code? Just curious. An where do I create a charrie?

12/16/2011 #4 Report
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Is this still open?

6/8/2014 #5 Report
Karls Ditters

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