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Phineas Angelo DeMayo

So you see River's nickname in the middle there? "Moony"? That comes from the Harry Potter series. Our close friend GCK MMMMMMPH! *River duct tapes my mouth*

9/5/2013 #91 Report
A Silena River

Not anymore it doesn't.

9/7/2013 #92 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

What do you mean? Has the OTP died? *puppy dog eyes, pleading pleading pleading*

9/9/2013 #93 Report
A Silena River

No, I just meant with the name on this site. My name on this site. Your OTP is fine.

9/10/2013 #94 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Except for the fact that there is no such thing as Wolfstag. ((playing with my cannon canon in the back))


9/11/2013 #95 Report
A Silena River

Heh heh heh...

Yeah, no. There's WolfStar, but no WolfStag. Not really.

9/11/2013 #96 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

No, no Wolfstar. As a sort-of member of Wolfstar, I rebel against it. WOLFSTAR NEEDS TO DIE!!!

9/12/2013 #97 Report
A Silena River

Well, Sirius agrees. I am her boyfriend, after all. *shrug*

9/12/2013 #98 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

But you are not mine.

I am sort-of...

Oh god. I just realized. Wolfstar is a three-way.

9/13/2013 #99 Report
A Silena River

*nods knowingly* Unless you're not Sirius. Then it wouldn't be.

But--wow, this must be really confusing to people who don't know what we're talking about.

9/13/2013 #100 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

I am both Sirius and the Petranosaurus!

9/16/2013 #101 Report
A Silena River

rAWR, I'm a dinosaur!

A triceratops to be specific, my good man.

9/16/2013 #102 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

For all we know dinosaurs were speaking fluent Latin:


9/17/2013 . Edited 9/17/2013 #103 Report
A Silena River


9/17/2013 #104 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

That sentence is incorrect. Extremely so...

9/18/2013 #105 Report
A Silena River


9/19/2013 #106 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"Hi Wolf.Stag.WOLFSTAG, I was just reading Breathe to Fight to Breathe and am really enjoying it. I'm looking for some quality authors for my site at SparkaTale .com and would really love to host it or any of your other stories there as well. Would you be interested in adding it there? It's in open beta right now and I am adding any features requested by authors. Thanks for your time."

I think I epic win in the world of people finding my story.

9/20/2013 #107 Report
A Silena River

How does that even happen? Put in a good word for me and my new story that I'm publishing, Kiel's Peril, yes?

Why? Because supreme jealousy, that's why.

9/21/2013 #108 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo


9/23/2013 #109 Report
A Silena River

Print it out and give it to Elena. It'd be a lot quicker, I anticipate.

9/26/2013 #110 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

I asked the person to read your story.

None of the forum posts are showing up on my email. What happened?

9/30/2013 #111 Report
A Silena River

You might have unsubscribed. Try checking the follow box when you write a post.

10/1/2013 #112 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

I've done that.

10/2/2013 #113 Report
A Silena River

Sorry then.

10/2/2013 #114 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Yeah, I'll do it manually.

10/3/2013 #115 Report
A Silena River

You go, girl.

10/3/2013 #116 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo


10/4/2013 #117 Report
Arcane Viking

I see this and I love this but i have no idea if I can still join. If I can I accept.

7/30/2014 #118 Report
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