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Abundance Seaborn

"People cause wars when they go into factions. We don't need more deaths." Vicki said rolling her eyes.

3/28/2013 #91 Report
A Silena River

"But..." Chantz trailed off and looked away. What he didn't say was that he finally felt like he had a family again.

3/28/2013 #92 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"They're like family to you, right?" Sam asked sarcastically. "Family's overrated."

3/29/2013 #93 Report
Abundance Seaborn

"Now, hold your tounge!" Vicki said glaring at Sam,"If this young man feels those people are his family, that is an amazing thing. Since he may not have family."

3/29/2013 #94 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"I already have a family," Sam said. "They abandoned me. Completely."

3/29/2013 #95 Report
A Silena River

Chantz's eyes flashed at Sam's comment about family. "Just because your family didn't want you doesn't mean you can disrespect others," he snapped, folding his arms over his chest and turning toward the wall. He hadn't noticed the Prude's comment. "And maybe my faction is like a family to me. But there's always that relative you hate." The grey orbs that granted the boy sight glared accusingly over his shoulder at Sam.

3/31/2013 . Edited 3/31/2013 #96 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"I didn't come so I could argue with you about the value of family, or lack thereof," Sam said, trying to be calm. "Your faction doesn't trust you on your own. They sent me."

4/1/2013 #97 Report
A Silena River

"Oh really?" Chantz challenged venomously, spinning around to face Sam. "I've been nothing but trustworthy. How could they not trust me?" His tone had a hint of desparation in it, like he was unsure of the fact and was in need of reassurance that he was right. He folded his arms over his chest and glared accusingly at her. "Maybe you're a potted plant--I mean spy from Viruales, sent to create scenes and all that jazz."

4/2/2013 . Edited 4/2/2013 #98 Report
Abundance Seaborn

"Ok! Both of you be quiet! I really don't need two teenagers arguing. I really don't." Vicki shouted really getting irratated.

4/2/2013 #99 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"I'm not arguing," Sam said sullenly.

4/4/2013 #100 Report
A Silena River

"Neither am I," Chantz muttered, ignoring the untruth of the statement. "Are we done here?" he asked, eyes turned to the Prude for dismissal. His pride was wounded and all he wanted to do was go work it off at the Adaeu-controlled gym.

4/5/2013 #101 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((Rosie's turn!))

4/8/2013 #102 Report
A Silena River

((Yeah, pretty much))

4/8/2013 #103 Report
Abundance Seaborn

(Well you can stop pestering me! :P )

Ranen had been standing outside the door, when he figured out who it was he burst into the room,"Well hello all! May I ask when Prudensia and Audaeu members started meeting without a Legatus member, such as myself?" Ranen grinned brightly and closed the door.

"Oh Ranen." Vicki said shaking her head.

4/8/2013 #104 Report
A Silena River

((Wasn't pestering!))

Chantz was struck dumb for a second before he was able to snap out of it. "You were listening in?!" His eyebrows drew together in anger and he would have slammed the door in Ranen's face had the young man not closed it. "This was private and you were not invited." With a glance from Sam to Vicki he muttered, "I'm out" and stormed from the room.

4/8/2013 #105 Report
Abundance Seaborn

"Ranen! Why do you do this?" Vicki asked standing,"Ranen, I sometimes don't need your help. Why do you do this?"


"No. I am not listening to your apology." with that Vicki left the room.

Ranen looked at Sam,"What did I do?"

4/8/2013 #106 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Sam rolled her eyes. "She's like this, near as I can figure," she said, then followed Chantz.

((Do we need a separate section now? And I'm ready to bring Max in, as long as someone introduces him.))

4/9/2013 #107 Report
A Silena River

((You can't introduce your own charrie? *cocks head to side in question*

Yeah, I'll make a seperate section.))

4/10/2013 #108 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((I think he'd go over awesomer if one of you guys introduced him or something. I can't introduce charries. I'm only good at playing puppet master.))

4/11/2013 #109 Report
A Silena River

((Well, just try. In the other thread. Because I've got no flipping clue what you've got in mind for how he's supposed to come across.))

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