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Hey, You! Introduce Yourself!
A Silena River

This, as you can see, is the introductions thread; I have no doubt that it will turn into another chat like all the others, but hey, whatever works! I'll go first.

Hello, I'm River--or Remus, or Chris, or Silena, etc.--and am the moderator/creator of this forum thing. This topic was straight from my imagination, so you don't want to meet anything from it in a dark alley. If you want to get on my good side, spouting random factoids, quotes, and references from anything Starkid, Olan Rogers, Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, Tolkien, Alcatraz Versus..., Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, or other media of the sort is the way to go. Oh, and you should take everything I say seriously.


3/23/2013 . Edited 3/23/2013 #1 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Rutabaga? Oh, yes, rutabaga.

Melon, fluttering paper makes a duck.


9/17/2013 #2 Report
A Silena River

I dunno. But this is the introductions section. You got me excited that there was another person. -_-

9/17/2013 #3 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo


What am I here for?

9/18/2013 #4 Report
Exiled Adrian

I'm exiledadrian, these two names because I tried to write one about exiled democratic nations that are left out in space to die and the other about a warrior world.

I have five books ont he kindle, working on the sixth. I am a bit imaginative, a Catholic... and I want to be like Tolkieen, or other great scifi or fantasy authors that i have read.

In the RP, I'm Michael Gears.

7/24/2014 #5 Report
A Silena River

Welcome, friend. I am sorry to say that this darn thing has fallen off the map (Brynn of Stone and I are...sporadic posters at best, and it decayed into nothingness). If you'd still like to try figuring this out, I'd be up for it--I'd also try to drag Brynn back.

And, may I say it, bravo on your Kindle-esque achievements. What're the titles of those five books you've released? I'm always in awe of people who can manage to finish things. I, tragically, had a curse bestowed upon me long ago and haven't been able to conclude a story since.

7/25/2014 #6 Report
Exiled Adrian

If you could review any of them, sure!

Immortals: Potential

Mech: Contact

Mech: Russian Origins

Adria's Conception: Revolt

Adria's Birth: The Shattering

7/25/2014 #7 Report
A Silena River

I'd be happy to do that thing.

7/26/2014 #8 Report
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