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Roleplay in the Audeau Quarters
A Silena River

Chantz shot a glare at Sam, yet allowed her to close the meeting; the topic was a bit too grim for his liking, anyways.

9/21/2013 #31 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((any suggestions?))

9/23/2013 #32 Report
A Silena River

((Umm, we could skip to another scene.))

10/1/2013 #33 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((like what?))

10/2/2013 #34 Report
A Silena River

((I hate to say it, but I've lost my--nope, nope, hold on. Hold on. Idea incoming. Idea incoming.

So there's a strangely frantic pounding noise coming from the hatch that seals off the bunker from the outside world (there are multiple hatches linked by ladders and stuff, but this is the only one locked from the inside). There's this guy that gets through these somehow and--no, that wouldn't work.

Nevermind, nevermind. Gimme a bit...))

10/2/2013 #35 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((maybe...would it work, though? We might need to have a Sam/Max scene, maybe have Chantz introduce them, cachinnans...)))

10/3/2013 #36 Report
A Silena River

((Yeah, let's do that. It's a relatively small place; you can't not see each other for too long....))

10/3/2013 #37 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

((I guess I'll go first.))

Sam saw Chantz approaching her and groaned inwardly. "What do you want?" she asked, trying in vain to keep as much attitude out of her voice.

10/4/2013 #38 Report
A Silena River

"Just to talk," Chantz answered defensively, pulling her aside. He quieted with the air of someone with a very important job that also happened to be top secret. "I wanted to ask you a few questions."

10/7/2013 #39 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

"Such as?" she said. Her heart pounded and she wished it wouldn't.

10/8/2013 #40 Report
A Silena River

"I--" He looked around. "In private," was what came out, and he beckoned her into a small room adjacent to the mess hall.

10/8/2013 #41 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Sam grabbed his arm. "What is it you want to tell me? What is it about? I'm not coming until I know what I'm coming for." She had learned the hard way to be sure of what would happen before she went along with it.

10/9/2013 #42 Report
A Silena River

"It's got to do with the thing that happened in the place," Chantz answered vaguely, hoping that she knew what he meant.

10/14/2013 #43 Report
Phineas Angelo DeMayo

Sam nodded. "All right. But that's all." She followed Chantz into a separate room.

10/15/2013 #44 Report
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