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Character Submission
A angelicxclover

Alright, please bold the general template of the character admission sheet. Follow the rules, as well.

Name: (First name and surname.)

Age: (17 or older, but not too old.)


Nationality: (Where were you born and raised? i.e. If you were born in California, you are a citizen to America, hence your nationality is American.)

Ethnicity: (Your cultural background. (i.e. People born and raised in Japan but live in Romania could still practice Japanese cultural traditions.)

Codename: (What Chinese Zodiac animal are you? That will be your alias.)

Appearance: (5 sentences or more. Detailed descriptions. No pictures. Please add equipment, as well, if your character has any.)

Personality: (5 sentences or more. Must coordinate with your Chinese Zodiac animal.)

History: (Must be 5 sentences or more. Be realistic.)

Other: (Optional.)

No squished format, unbolded parts, and follow the directions as stated in the parentheses. No Mary Sues.

2/19/2014 #1 Report
M Gearhead96

NAME: Doe Valentine

AGE: 17


ZODIAC SYMBOL: Rat (Second Generation Zodiac)

APPEARANCE: Doe has bright green eyes and short spiky black hair. He usually wears a pin-striped suit but does wear less formal attire on occasions. He's generally not as fit as the other members so he plays more of a supporting role in their fights.

PERSONALITY: Rat is fairly easy going in his work. While he can be serious at times he mostly pokes fun at the other Zodiac members while on missions. That being said he is very professional in his job, considering peoples lives are in his hands, it just so happens he usually doesn't have to worry to much since he's so adept at his job.

BIO: Doe was a genius with computer technology before The Children of Eden project was established to fight the sudden crime spike all over the world. He largely rode out the crime spike without too much trouble, being relatively safe thanks to his parents wealth, which was enough to hire practically a private army to defend them. Even so Doe was horrified when his school was attacked and his parents only saved him, leaving all of his friends to be held as hostages and later killed. Soon afterword's he signed up for The Children of Eden, despite his parents constantly trying to stop him. One of which was to deport him back to America where he was born, which in turn resulted in him being unable to become part of the Zodiac program in japan. He would later join when he returned and took the place of the first generation Rat.

WEAPONS: His main weapon is a Magnum Pistol with a Silencer attachment His secondary is a pair of Ballistic knives And his last and largely main weapon since he doesn't often participate in open combat is a combination of a Laptop disguised as a brief case, and mobile camera turrets. Often before a mission he'll sneak in and place the disguised machine guns turrets in an area and then control them remotely from the laptop. He can also use the laptop to hack into the enemy main frame and mess with their defenses. And lastly, the laptop itself can be used as a bomb if Doe ever needs to make a distraction or leaves it behind when he's about to be compromised.

OTHER: Because of what happened in his past with his friends he will never ever abandon a companion under any circumstances. Even if it's a direct order or it results in his own death. He made sure to disguise this fact during the psychological test for Zodiac members, and doesn't ever bring it up with other people.

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