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Welcome(Read First)
A OwlBeeWriter

Check this out! Sort of like Rules and Guidelines I suppose. Welcome to Reign Facility!

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/12/2014 #1 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

1. No slackers

There will be no History in the characters description, instead there will be the label Parents. This is where you will tell how your character watched the little video that shows how their parents were killed. If you are from Breeding Asylum I assume your character has at least one child and you can Roleplaying them here, if not that's okay. In the label DNA/Heritage if you are not from BA or your character there did not have a child you would put in their animal DNA which would be a mix of two animals. If you are in BA and your character has a child you would put in their Heritage or the names of their parents.

Example- DNA: Poison Dart Frog/Armadillo

Example- Heritage: Jasmine(Siberian Tiger)/Alistair(Hyena)

2. This will be a chapter forum for awhile until we get a whole lot of people and then I may make it into like a school forum where there's different topics for places and events.

3. Create all new OC's in Character Creation.

4. No godmodding

5. No spam

6. You must write your posts in third person.

7. You do not have to be great at grammar, however you must be able to explain things well to get your point across.

8. No shortcuts! Example: cuz, ur, btw, omg ect.

9. NO one liners in the forum! I absolute despise them and if you do create a one liner I expect you to bring on something exciting in the very near future. Conversations die easily with one liners.

10. There will be no explicit content in this forum. I understand it is M-Rated however this is not the reason for it.

11. I require every member to be on the rp at least once a week or your OC WILL be deleted!

12: No posting anything random that has nothing to do with the story or that turns the story around unless you have permission from me. Example: No killing OC's without my or their permission and no creating a new idea for the story unless I have okayed it.

13: Characters will be ages 5-16 or they will not be accepted. This is only their physical age. For more information visit Extras.

14. There will be one OC sheet per member. NO exceptions.


(Please put this on your character sheet so I know you've read the rules)

"Reign Activated"

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/13/2014 #2 Report
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