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Chapter 1 (Hidden, Jay, and Leis)
A OwlBeeWriter

Chapter 1, hmm, what will happen?

6/12/2014 . Edited by LonelyEvil, 10/4/2014 #1 Report

"No." Hunter growled at his sister smacking her hand away from his hair. "You are not touching my hair."

"It looks horrible and you know it." Skylar shoot back crossing her arms as the three siblings walked down the halls, Skylar and Hunt side by side with Dillon following behind like always.

"Come on you two, it's too early to start this." Dillon told them shaking his head.

"STAY OUT OF IT DILL!" Hunter and Skylar shout in perfect unison.

6/12/2014 #2 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna walked down the hall, heading to the training arena when she passed them. She raised an eyebrow at them. Her best friend Elizabeth was at her side and she crossed her arms. "Hmmm..."

Anna approached Hunter and sniffed him. "You guys are new. Still smell like babies." She said.

6/12/2014 #3 Report

"I'm no baby!" Hunter snapped at the girl, he was in a fool mood due to his sister's nagging.

Skylar pulled him backward by the collar of his shirt. "Yes you are little brother. A little baby scare of a hair cut."

Dillon sighed. "Sorry about those two." he told Anna.

6/12/2014 #4 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna crossed her arms just like her friend. She was taller than Hunter and looked pretty formidable to be honest. "A haircut huh?"

Elizabeth had curly long blonde hair that flowed down over her shoulders with beautiful blue eyes. She looked older than Anna. She looked more beautiful and graceful as well.

6/12/2014 #5 Report

"He can barely see." Skylar told them. "But he refuses to listen to reason, he's going to end up running in to something."

"I can see well enough to know your being bossy." Hunter mumbled sneering at his sister flashing his razor like teeth.

Dillon was hanging is head shaking it, "Guy come on stop it." then he said to Elizabeth and Anna "I'm really really sorry." he apologized for those two a lot.

6/12/2014 #6 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna stepped forward and flicked Hunters nose. "Come on pipsqueak. Let's see what you can do." She says then walks past him, meaning for him to follow her. "Elizabeth. Take the other two to the shooting arena."

Elizabeth nods and smiled. "Okay, come on guys."

6/12/2014 #7 Report

"That's more like it." Hunter growled angrily following after Anna his hands shoved in his pockets.

"That fools is going to get himself killed." Skylar huffed before wrapping her arm over Dill's shoulder. "Come on baby brother lets go shoot something." she told him as they followed Elizabeth.

6/12/2014 #8 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna brought him to an obstacle course. "Alright." She then turned to him and pulled a couple berets out of the pockets of her jeans. She went of to him and pin the hair out of his eyes. "There."

Elizabeth brought them to the arena and went over to a table where there were an array of different practice guns. She tried to decide which ones would be best for the newbies to try.

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/12/2014 #9 Report

"You're kidding right?" Hunter mumbled pulling the berets out of his hair and throwing them to the floor before stomping on them. "Those are for girl! Do I look like a girl to you?" he growled flashing his teeth at Anna.

Skylar and Dillon followed her into the arena. Skylar didn't seem overly impressed by the guns but Dill's eyes light up as he dashed away from his sister. "Neat. We can shot these?" he asked Elizabeth as he picked up one of the guns to examine.

6/12/2014 #10 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

"You think those scare me boy?" She said with a raised eyebrow. "And they were to keep your hair out of your face while you're running this course unless you want to get yourself hurt."

Elizabeth giggled. "You're cute. Yes you can."

6/12/2014 #11 Report

"I can see just fine." he told her as he went to the start of the course. "Sky was just being stupid, she just like to think she can boss me around , well she can't." He turned to look at her from the start. "You going to say go or something?"

Dillon gave her his cute little boy smile as he held up one of the guns with both hands squinting to look down the barrel. "Can I shoot this one? Is it loaded?"

Skylar sighed as she walked over to them and looked over the weapons. "Do we have to shoot them?" she asked looking skeptically at the guns. She preferred hitting things.

6/12/2014 #12 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna sighed. "Go." She was amused by this young male. He was very adorable in her opinion. A shame that his cute little self would disappear once he was given another dose of growth serum. The obstacle course would have been safe if not for the bar wire fence and hot coals as you ran through it. But you only hit those if you made a wrong move.

Elizabeth nodded. "Of course. Over there though." She pointed to the targets then turned to Skylar. "No."

6/12/2014 #13 Report

Hunter took off the moment she said go. He already didn't like Anna, she talked down to him just like Skylar always did. He hated being treated like some kind of.... baby. He was doing just fine on the obstacle course till he felt his hair start to slip forward. Not now he begged, Skylar can't be proven right. He was half way across the monkey bar section when his hair finally fell into his eyes causing him to miss the next bar and tumble to the coals and bar wire below him. Hunter yelped in pain as he rolled away back on to the normal floor. He laid on this back small smoking holes and rips littering his shirt. "I'll take the berets now."

Dillon walked over to wear Elizabeth had pointed and raised the gun to take a shot.

"Don't shoot yourself in the foot okay." Skylar warned her brother as she leaned against the table.

"I wasn't going to." Dillon whined at his sister before taking a shot and hitting the very edge of the target. "How was that?" he asked Elizabeth.

6/12/2014 #14 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna sighed and helped him out of the course before pinning his hair back again. "There. Now try and run the course again and then we'll get you cleaned up."

Elizabeth clapped. "Great job! Keep going!" She encouraged. The bullets in the gun were fake so they would old hurt a little bit if he got hit.

6/12/2014 #15 Report

"Don't tell Skylar about this kay." he warned as he started back towards the start of the course. This time he made it through the course with only a few near slips or trips. He jogged back over to Anna grinning smugly.

Dillon nodded and kept taking shots getting a bit better each time. He never got close to the center but he didn't miss either. Then the gun made an empty clicking noise as he ran out of bullets. He frowned down at it.

"Don't pout Dill." Skylar told him. "At least you know you're actually good at something now. Next time Hunter bugs ya for being useless you can throw this at him. I know for a fact his aim sucks."

6/12/2014 #16 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna nods. "Alright, come on. Let's get you a bath." She lead him out of the room.

Elizabeth smiled. "Here, let me reload it and you can go again."

6/12/2014 #17 Report

"I don't need a bath." Hunter complained. "You might actually be worse than Skylar and she's the worse." he told her as he followed her from the room.

Dillon handed the gun over to Elizabeth before looking at his sister. "I'm not useless."

"Well not when you have a gun is your hands at least." Skylar laughed. Dillon was the baby of their little family and could never match up with his siblings.

Dillon ignored the comment like he always did. "Can you show me to reload it? That way I know for next time." he asked Elizabeth.

6/12/2014 #18 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

"You do and you will wash yourself and if you don't I'll do it for you." She threatens.

Elizabeth showed him how to remove the magazine and fill it with bullets before putting it back in the gun.

6/12/2014 #19 Report

"I don't and I will not." he growled. "I'm not going anywhere near a bath, my sister has tried and failed and so will you. I HATE water."

Dillon took the gun back and returned to his target. This time he stopped trying to hit the center and focused on hitting the same spot over and over. He was able to keep his bullets within a 4cm radius. He was feel proud till Skylar open her mouth.

"Isn't he supposed to be hitting the center?" she asked Elizabeth in the judgment tone of voice. Dillon's shoulders automatically falling.

6/12/2014 #20 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna chuckles before lifting him up and slinging him over her shoulder like a sack of flour. She was pretty strong however he was only the size of a six year old.

Elizabeth seemed friendly until she made that comment and the look that she gave Skylar would strike fear even into the fiercest of warriors that was how scary she suddenly looked however Dillon's back was turned to her so he couldn't see it.

6/12/2014 #21 Report

"STOP IT PUT ME DOWN." Hunter yelled as Anna carried him off to what in his mind was doom. "I'M NOT TAKING A BATH." he told her loudly kicking and punching at her as hard as his little fists could hit.

Elizabeth's look had Skylar taking a step back but not shutting up. "He's my little brother, he knows I'm just trying to help since he's too shy to ask himself" She said glare back lifting her chin up a bit. "Right Dillon." It wasn't a question.

"Rii..right." Dillon stuttered not turning around as he shuffled his feet nervously. Why did Sky always have to start up on him?

6/12/2014 #22 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna ignored it easily and took him right into the girls bathroom. "Out!" She shouted to the girls and they screamed when they saw Hunter as they were in their towels. They quickly vacated the bathroom.

Elizabeth pushed her hair out of her face before going up to Dillon and helping him with his aim, now ignoring Skylar.

6/12/2014 #23 Report

"Oh you really have to be joking this time!" Hunter snarled. "I thought we went over this. I'm not a girl! Now put.me.DOWN!"

Skylar glared at Elizabeth's back but said nothing. At least Dillon was getting the help he needed now, which when you thought about it was her intention the whole time. Skylar smirked deciding she had won this one.

Dillon's shots were getting much closer to the center now with Elizabeth's instruction. "She really is just trying to be helpful. Sky I mean. It's just her way." he whispered to Elizabeth sounding mature for his age.

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/12/2014 #24 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna still ignores him as she starts a warm the for him. "Now, you will cooperate or I will punish you and that's the last thing you want me to do." She says grimly, her voice frightening.

Elizabeth chuckles. "I understand."

6/12/2014 #25 Report

Hunter's voice was cold and emotionless as it always was when he got threaten. "Do your worse." he told her "I'm not getting in that water."

Dillon stopped to reload the gun "It's cause I don't have ear or a tail or anything like her and Hunter." he told her quietly so Skylar couldn't hear. "She worry it means I'm weak so she has to protect me like a mom." he clipped the magazine back in a took his next shot finally nailing the center. "I don't want her to have to worry."

6/12/2014 #26 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna got a washcloth and got it wet with soapy before setting him down in the large shower stall, locking them both in so he couldn't get out easily. She turned the shower on while leaning against the lock so he could get out. The door went all the way to the floor so he couldn't crawl under either. He was now soaked and very very cold because the water was like ice. She was also getting soaked but as long as he was wet she didn't mind.

"Well. She needs to find and hobby then." Elizabeth gives him a wink.

6/12/2014 #27 Report

Hunter shook and wiped at his face trying desperately to get the water off of his skin. "I oooooffficaalllyyy haaateee yooou!" he tried to growl but his chattering teeth killed it. "Let me ouuuut!"he howled.

Dillon grinned before putting another two bullets in the center of the target. "Is that your way of saying you'll clean up the blood when she takes up fighting full time with Hunter as a hobby?" he asked hopefully.

6/12/2014 #28 Report
A OwlBeeWriter

Anna ignored him and started washing him up with the washcloth, getting his ears and his neck and hair too.

"Um...we'll find her a different and better hobby." She smiles confidently.

6/12/2014 #29 Report

Hunter brought his hands up try to block and swat away the washcloths but he was losing badly as the soap and water attack him. The worst part was how his dang wolf ear twitch happily as she cleaned them. Stupid sensitive ears he said thought he growled at Anna.

"Good luck." Dillon laughed as he put more bullets into the target. "You don't know my sister, being bossy is the only hobby she understands."

6/12/2014 . Edited 6/12/2014 #30 Report
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