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The New Life of the Asylum Patients (Summary)
M LonelyEvil

In this new chapter of Wolf's life we find that the government rescued all of the teens from the asylum, including Wolf with the help of some supernatural friends. They were taken away from the horrible placed and put in homes with loving families. Groups of the teens are scattered throughout the United States and each one was placed in a different household to prevent further issues with their animal DNA. Slowly and gradually the teens are being accepted by humans but life is rough. They attend regular public schools but are sometimes bullied. No one has seen or heard anything of Wolf or his team and all are wondering if he made it.

They don't know it but their leader will return soon and they will become the most powerful race of creatures the world has ever encountered, leading them into a new age where the newly improved humans mix with the old.

10/4/2014 . Edited 10/4/2014 #1 Report
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