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New Life Character Creation
M LonelyEvil

Please just copy and paste the first character you had from the asylum. Then post where you wish. Your character has already been accepted. You can also make changes to your character anytime you need.

10/4/2014 . Edited 10/4/2014 #1 Report

Name: Pan

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Animal DNA: Red Panda

Breeding: Yes

Bred: Four, Skylar, Hunter, Dillon and Max

Appearance: Pan is 5'2" with shoulder length red hair, soft brown eyes with two orange line like markings underneath that go midway down her cheeks. Her skin is so pale its near white with freckles. She were a knee length white sun dress with a ratty grey sweater over top.

History: Pan was bounced from foster home to foster home as a child but could not be adopted due to her poor health and the fact no potential parents wanted to face the medical bills. The government need a way to get rid of her so they gave her to the asylum when she was 12. She was only just released in with the others.

Extra: Pan is extremely vulnerable to illness and injury since her immune system and bones are extremely weak.

10/4/2014 #2 Report

Name: Maya

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Animal DNA: Wolf

Breeding: Yes

Bred: One: River

Appearance: Long dark brow hair that she keeps in a braid, Light blue eyes, Tall about 5'6", Normal weight for a girl her age, she wears glasses.

History: She was one of the kids to be enhanced with animal DNA and so she is in the Hospital but she has not been bred yet.

Extra: None

10/6/2014 #3 Report

Name: Herefina "Fina" Jamison

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Animal DNA: Mole rat

Breeding: Active

Bred: 8 (deceased)

Appearance: Short and cute as a button with her blue hair usually pulled up into pigtails. She's about 4'9 and is very slender with just a few curves near her waist. Her skin is smooth and seemingly poreless. Her blue eyes are big and inquisitive. Her hands are small with nails that are a bit too long.

History: Her mother, Katie, found out in the midst of her pregnancy that she may have developed cancer. Not knowing what she was doing, she heard about an experimental program at the asylum that involves infusing a small about of a rat's DNA into your body as rats are immune to all forms of cancer (it's a fact, jack!). To save herself and her baby, she allowed them to experiment on her. The DNA experiment worked and her cancer was cured and she delivered her baby, but it was too late: Katie had witnessed what was happening at the Asylum and they did not let her out alive. They kept Herefina to use in further experiments with rat DNA and she now lives in the asylum.

Extra: She is a very positive person and sees the best in everyone. She has never met her father and one day wishes to meet him. If only there was a way to leave the asylum....

10/14/2014 #4 Report

Name: Dar

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Animal DNA: Peacock

Breeding: Active

Bred: 1

Appearance: Her 5'4" tall body has a nice, light golden tan. She has a petite body, like a ballet dancer, with modest curves. She has bony, narrow shoulders and thin arms. Her upper body is short, but her legs make up for it with their length. They're elegant and delicate, like a gazelle's. Her small face is an oval-shaped with a pointy chin. Her cheeks are smooth and round and she has squinty, narrow eyes, a bit like a cat's and the color is dirt water green. Her nose is small and thin like she herself and the round tip is slightly upturned. Her lips are small as well and nicely plumped. Her wavy, muddy brow hair reaches to her shoulders.

History: Dar was born into a happy family. She developed like any other child having real friends and imaginary ones except as years wore on the situation was still the same. Her parents admitted her to the asylum a year ago when she baked the family's cat in an oven because her imaginary friend told her to do so.

Extra: After the death of her mate and the abduction of her child she's been a bit gloomy and down.

11/1/2014 #5 Report
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