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M LonelyEvil

Isabella had finally noticed her and smiled before getting up and hugging her.

10/5/2014 #61 Report

Pan froze for a moment before hugging Isabella back. "Hello Isabella." she smiled to the little girl.

10/5/2014 #62 Report
M LonelyEvil

"Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't had her out on her hearing aids yet. I'll go get them." Martha says before going upstairs.

10/5/2014 #63 Report

Pan looked down at the little girl, so Isabella couldn't hear her. That explained why she hadn't responded before. Still she was really cute.

10/5/2014 #64 Report
M LonelyEvil

Martha put on Isabella's hearing aids and the little girl adjusted them to her liking. "So you're my new sister?" She asks excitedly.

10/5/2014 #65 Report

Pan nodded as she smiled to her. "Yeah that's right, I'm Pan. It's really nice to meet you Isabella.L

10/5/2014 #66 Report
M LonelyEvil

"Yay!" She jumps up and down happily, giving Pan another hug. "Will you take me for ice cream?"

10/5/2014 #67 Report

"Oh umm.... I'm sorry Isabella, I don't.. I don't have any money for icecream" Pan frown, feeling bad she couldn't just say yes to her sister.

10/5/2014 #68 Report
M LonelyEvil

She frowned, slightly disappointed. Martha chuckles. "I'll give you guys some cash for ice cream. But Pan needs to get better first."

Isabella huffs. "Okay."

10/6/2014 #69 Report

"Sorry Isabella." Pan smiled softly to her little sister. "But I'm feeling a lot better today so I should be fine soon."

10/6/2014 #70 Report
M LonelyEvil

Isabella smiled and nodded. "Okay."

10/6/2014 #71 Report

"Maybe we could do something else together." Pan offered.

10/6/2014 #72 Report
M LonelyEvil

She claps her hands. "How about a puzzle!"

10/6/2014 #73 Report

"Alright." Pan grinned back. "A puzzle sounds like a lot of fun."

10/6/2014 #74 Report
M LonelyEvil

Isabella raced upstairs and came back down with a stack of puzzles.

11/28/2014 #75 Report

Pan smiled when she saw Isabella come back. "So which one is your favorite to do?" she asked.

11/28/2014 #76 Report
sugar honey iced tea

reverse cowgirl

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