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Chapter 2
M LonelyEvil

Hmmm, what will happen?

10/5/2014 #1 Report

Sally walked along the hall, her back pressed against the wall tightly. The soft pink bunny was hanging from its' left ear in her tightly closed fist. The little girl giggled and peeked around the corner, but her joy seemed to be for nothing as the hall before her proved to empty of souls. "Hm..."

10/5/2014 #2 Report
M LonelyEvil

"Behind her a little boy watched her curiously, having been following her for awhile and mimicking everything she did so she didn't notice him.

10/5/2014 #3 Report

"Who am I to spy now Norman?" She sighed and looked at her bunny. "There's no one here. If I were a chameleon this would be a lot easier." She sighed heavily, feeling terribly disappointed like only a child could.

10/5/2014 #4 Report
M LonelyEvil

The boy watched her, and listened to her talked to her bunny.

10/5/2014 #5 Report

The girl pursed her lips and brushed her red hair out of her face before starting down the hall with determination. She would find someone eventually, she was quite sure of it.

10/5/2014 #6 Report
M LonelyEvil

The boy jumped and raced after her but not before he tripped and fell, skidding across the floor. He winced in pain, sticking out his bottom lip as tears filled his eyes.

10/5/2014 #7 Report

Sally gasped and jumped a few steps in an attempt to run away before she turned around to see who exactly was attacking her. When she saw the little boy frowned. She walked over to him and crouched next to him. "It's okay.." She patted his head gently. "Where did you come from?"

10/5/2014 . Edited 10/5/2014 #8 Report
M LonelyEvil

The boy sat up and wiped his tears, still upset though. He didn't answer her.

10/5/2014 #9 Report

"Are you mute?" She asked, tilting her head. "I don't like mutes." She blurted out and nodded her head. "They can't talk."

10/5/2014 #10 Report
M LonelyEvil

The boy was hurt by her words and he got up, racing away as fast as he could.

10/5/2014 #11 Report

Sally blinked at that and she frowned. "Hey! That's not very nice!" She called after him and pouted. No one had ever ran away from her, and it felt surprisingly painful. She sniffled and hugged her bunny. "I'm sorry.."

10/6/2014 #12 Report
M LonelyEvil

The boy ran straight to his room and started to cry more. The halls were empty again for Sally.

10/6/2014 #13 Report

Sally May dried her tears in the sleeve of her dress and sniffled some more. She turned on her heels headed to the lounge, putting a skip to her step. She decided that she had no reason to cry over a stupid boy.

10/6/2014 #14 Report
M LonelyEvil

The lounge was full of many other little kids and teens. Lots of them were playing games.

11/28/2014 #15 Report

Sally May skipped to the lounge and looked around the kids curiously. She flipped her pretty hair and headed over to climb on the sofa.

12/1/2014 #16 Report
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