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Spacing Around(Call me Wynnfield)

Always looking for a Beta*

I have a fanfiction account in which I'm more active at, and do have a Wattpad account where I post most of my works.

My pen-name is Wynnfield, you can find my in Wattpad by that name, or you can just copy paste my works' titles.

I enjoy Reincarnation fics a lot, Love Triangles and Reverse Harems(Many guys to one girl).

Also, I'm partial to boys-love/yaoi/slash/whateveryoucallit. Don't judge. But many of my works will still contain a female protagonist for some things to work out. Once in a blue moon I'll write about male protagonists. My fanfictions have enough of those, maybe.

If you love my fictions, I love you too.

If you don't, do leave a constructive feedback, so that I can edit my stories to improve on them.

-You can see my obsession with Otome Games from the fictions I write.

Disclaimer - I don't own any pictures used unless I claim them.

Original fictions I've wrote.


-Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Fantasy Otome Game's Rival Character(Inspired by the many Otome Rival Reincarnation light novels and original stories)

-I was Reincarnated as a Younger Brother in an Otome Game

Fanfictions I've wrote.

Assassination Classroom

-Trouble Time



Katekyo Hitman Reborn

-Tsunayoshi life of a Youkai

Shokugeki no Soma

-Being a Sister

Yowamushi Pedal

-Iris Complex

Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockage Battlefront

-Despair meets Hope

(Rokka no Yuusha/Rokka:Braves of the Six Flowers)

-What if 'he' were a 'she'

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