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Hey! Sorry, I know my stuff has been changing A LOT, sorry, life has been super busy and well yeah. Not to mention my HUGE writers block atm, I can't write for more than 30min at a time. It sucks. I beta for some people: Nora Long, Skye Noir, endlessangels, Kayla Emerson, Iccirrion, Vanessa Van Hault, Heichou42, and arfmckmctrm. Check their stuff out :)

So about ME:

Do I Beta Read: Sure, just give me a PM and I'll Beta for you :)

Tea or coffee

color:Yellow for the win!

gender: Female

preferred gender: I'm Bi so um yeah (On that note, most my characters will have some bi tendencies. Don't like it? Don't read it.) I came out y'all. Again. This one really sucked, they don't believe me because apparently you have to show "signs" to be bi.

Eye color: Blue, They turn grey when I'm:Overjoyed, pissed off, or depressed. Trait I got from my Mom's family, woot.

Hair color and yeah: Honey Brown, oh and its straight, it doesn't hold a curl for an hour. It has blonde streaks when I'm in the sun for long periods of time, oh and I hold a tan really well, I don't burn often :P

What kind of person:Um I'd say the private, introverted flirt, I am a private introvert but at the age of 5 in Sunday school we had these blocks and for some reason I was the only girl there that day, and when my Mom came to pick me up I started to leave but she was like nope pick up those blocks kid. I was like oh and I turned to look at all the guys, I swear to the gods above they all were like nope we got the blocks you go, I flipped my hair(I was FIVE DAMN IT), smiled and said thanks boys, they all sighed and said bye bye --(Not putting my real name out there), and I skipped off my mom and dad were shocked. Ahahahaha. But I'm also really outdoorsy. If you haven't been to Philmont shame on you! I'm going on my second treck in 2015, I'm hyped.

Family?: Uh, I have a mom, a dad, in order of age= Big sister, big brother, me, little sister, and an idiot dog, she wags her tail in her sleep...

Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, SAILING (OMG YES), I write a scouting newsletter(does that count?), I sing(I suck but its fun... Go for 2nd aka Meso sopranos), dance(in my room... Lets just say I'm good but my feet have lots of bruises...), Camping, Oh I run to stay fit and recently want to have a defined stomach so I've been working out(I now have all three lines, not a pack, just the lines... If you don't know what I'm talking about, workout some its a confidence boost, I beat a guy in a abs workout completion, he was like girls can't do this, girls can't that and I went all Covergirl commercial on him and was like you sure about that? and made it to 845 crunches. SUCK IT ASSHOLE, eh hem, I mean a pleasure whooping your ass...), photography(all my avatars have been my pictures :P), writing...

Ideal Location:Mountains, but near water so I can go sailing... I live by a lake on flat ground atm.

dog or cat

other:UMMMM I don't know? If you need to know more PM me? And I now Beta-Read so yeah

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