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Hello, otherworldly people. I am OneLoneStar as you can obviously see.

I really love this website.

I have a FanFiction account and my user name is also OneLoneStar. I also have a Wattpad and, you guessed it, my name is OneLoneStar(I have a thing for stars if you haven't guessed already).

The link : This is my account on FanFiction (my profile)

I mostly am a PJO fangirl, so that's all you'll really see.

Anywhoo, Let's talk about me!!!

My Favorite Color: Purple, Lavender

(I hate pink. Like, a lot.)

Food: Chocolate (Don't tell me it's not a food. In my opinion, anything that you can swallow, digest and doesn't poison your system is food.)

About any stories I might post:

I love to write about my characters being happy and being cute.


I am an evil person, so most likely near the end, I will kill off one of the characters or something else might happen and they break up or something.

So my stories will most likely be tragedies.


I'm not that good of a person.

Well that's it. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk or anything. I'm always open!!

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