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What's up, homies? Name's Scott Pilgrim, but y'all can call me Scott. Everybody does. Thanks for taking the time to read my lil profile.

Hm... What to put here? Ah yes, a big question. Well, how about a lil about me then.

I'd have to say I got into writing stories because of an old PSP game called Monster Hunter. I think when I got bored with the story, it was like 100 chapters or so. I dunno. I dunno either what happened to it. Kinda sad about that. But then I got into writing original fiction, and my writing has blossomed considerably. Just a lil fact, I tend to write using references to everything, so if you can guess the reference, good for you.

Okay, so I like most reading material and most genres. I'm not into video games like I once was.

I like most music, especially classic rock. That stuff is my jam. If I had to say what my favorite band is, I couldn't choose, but my favorite song i Rock the House by Gorillaz.

Outside of Fictionpress, I love to workout, fish, and hang out with friends.

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