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I am a geek. I like to read. And write. And if you're here you're probably the same. Isn't it good to know that you're not alone in the world? I don't work no more, but since I need money desperately to finance my many comings and goings, I have to find another job. I used to work at the library (gasp) where I would spend my break time... *drum roll* reading and writing. Shocker, ne?

Anyway, things might not be updated for a while due to various ungood things going on in my life, but fear not citizens, IT SHALL BE DONE!!! *ahem* So enjoy what's here and review. I shall not know if it be bad and should be taken down and shot without a decent funeral unless you TELL me. My psychic powers aren't THAT good.

For now, ja ne!

I got another chapter up for "Couples That Shouldn't Be." Just remember that you read at your own risk. Also remember that I have a very European outlook on these. If it's not full-blown and very graphically illustrated then I consider it a sprinkling of lime. So saying, wait til you see what I did THIS time. *evil cackle* No, really. It's not bad at all.

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