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My name is Nicola, and I am a mad Harry fan. I live in the north of England and I am 15 years old.

Most of my future stories will be about the Marauders, there will be some about Harry aswell though!

My interests include dancing, singing and Drama. I also LOVE music!! I think that is all, oh yeah, my grammar is terrible!

I used to have a little bit written here about the lovely Orlando Bloom, and don't get me wrong, i still think that he is lovely and hot, but I have turned. I have completely and utterly fallen for the lovely hobbit and a half Elijah Wood, a.k.a Frodo Baggins. How cute is he? His eyes are lovely and his hair is well gorge infact I am tempted to say that he is well hot! I am sorry to all the people out there, as i used to be an Orlandoholic, but now it's all Elijah, he's such a cutie. But, go Orlando!!!! You keep up the British side well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go me, I have already seen Two towers three times and it really is great! Very dark and scary mind, but I didn't expect it not to be. That is the way the book turns. I thought Gollum was amazing, much better than Dobby. I know that I have a baised opinion but I also thought Elijah Wood was really great in it. He's a really versatile actor. From happy Frodo to strong Frodo, then to greiving Frodo. Now finally he is losing hope. If you haven't seen the film I really do suggest you go now... There is this one song at the end of it called Gollum's Song and it is really great, I got it off KaZaA. It is really scary mind, I didn't think it could be but if you listen to the lyrics you will see what I mean. It depicts Gollum's situation perfectly, anyway I think that's me done for now!

Bye babez'!!

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