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Jhenrhi Ida PM
Joined Mar '15

I'm mid-20s, I like writing and I'm a fanfiction buff still to this day. I'm vertically challeneged and I do have health issues that I don't let get in my way. I've been writing since I was 11 and it started as Fan Fiction before I transitioned over into original work. Imagine my great joy when I found out FFN had a sister site.

I actually joined Fiction Press in 2006, a few months after FFN. My original profile was Sukidayo. Any stories I had on that profile are still there and I can't get back into that profile, so they're just going to sit there. It's fine with me. Those stories are so old that I'm practically in a new echelon of skill from ten years ago.

Dear lord... has it really been that long? Eek.

Anyway... if you remember me, it's good to see you again! If you're new... I am happy to meet you and I really hope you enjoy my story telling.


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