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Hey all! Dusky Red Owl here! I'm gonna put stuff here later, but as suggested by a kind PM-er I am putting Spirit Shifters' character form here for now :)

Character Form

Full Name:





History: (What made them who they are today? When did they meet their Spirits? Add loads of detail please :D)

Clan: (I'll come to this later, but for now it's Fire, Wind, Shadow, Light, Life and Water. May change or update as the story progresses. Choose a clan name that fits the personality so it makes sense.)

Spirit: (Like Ibis and Soul. Cannot be Wolf, Owl or Red Fox and must be a creature native to a forested area. Must fit personality as much as the Clan, and I need a name and species.)

Clothing: (Anything related to the Clan's colouring. e.g. Fire = red, orange, etc, Wind = pale blue, white, etc, Shadow = all shades of black and grey, Light = white, yellow, etc, Life = green, brown, etc, Water = all shades of blue and some green. Stick to appropriate colours. This is set a looooong time ago, so no skinny jeans and halter tops please :P Otherwise anything suited to the time goes!)

Primary Weapon: (Well, they need to defend themselves! You may choose one medieval-style weapons - the first of which is the most used. Put it here!)

Secondary Weapon: (The backup weapon. Usually small like a dagger or throwing knife, maybe one of those pipe thingies with darts in them.)

Family: (Just put siblings, parents, others if relevant)

Anything you want to happen?: (Would you like a specific thing to happen to your character? If so, what? I'll do what I can.)

Gear: (What do they keep with them at all times, in a bag or just somewhere else?)

Extras: (If I missed something obvious that you want to point out.)

Spirits I'm looking for include Raven, Eagle, Wildcat, Deer, Wild Horse, and others native to northern foresty - type places.

Oh, and please submit via PM and not review!

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