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I'm pastryninja, either a ninja who attacks with pastries or a pastry that's a ninja. You decide. I'm here to write and read, obviously! I want to improve my writing skills, read stories, and entertain people with my stories and poems. If you spot any mistakes or think there's a way I could write something better, don't hesitate to tell me. I promise I won't cry too much. I also enjoy reading other writers' works, and may leave you a review about what I liked and what I think you could improve. Hopefully, we can help each other become better writers! :D

Stuff I write/stuff I write about:

poems so angsty you'll have flashbacks to your teenage goth phase

parodies that should definitely not be taken seriously

nonsense like killer hats, bunny assassins, and emo teens that can change the weather by sulking hard enough

way too much about food, especially desserts


and other stuff I'll add later

I also want to expand to other styles and genres besides the above.

Currently in progress/on the not literal back burner/going through editing:

horror story about the wendigo

humorous action/adventure story about a girl who needs to fight across the dreaded "Spider Bridge" to save her grandma from an evil witch

story about an insane cat who wants to turn into a fish

Hey everyone! I've been gone a long time due to issues in my life. But I haven't forgotten about this site.

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